Pulling the über Christian-chicks?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Waynes Finest, May 18, 2010.

  1. So GC pimps and players, how do you pull the christian chicks that initially don't want to fuck?
  2. how did you get those two dots above the u in UBER.....i must know
  3. I wouldn't know I usually stay away from the religious ones as to prevent them from shoving their beliefs down my throat.
    Well, most anyways.
  4. alt + 0252

    youre welcome.

    and to the other dude, i know what you mean, but i've gotta feeling this girl is fronting it :D
  5. ah, the age-old question of getting the hard-to-get religious chicks
    most of these chicks are VERY easy to get and are actually more freaky than any ol' random hoodrat you would find at a glory-hole, you just have to pull it out of them:ey:
    if you can relate to their religious side and feed their faith with some solid trustworthiness, you can make her do anything. these girls wanna fuck just as bad as we do, they just suppress it, and most of them don't *want* to suppress it, they are just brainwashed into thinking they *have* to suppress it until marriage

    tl;dr: make her trust you. then she will fuck you. 100% fool-proof
  6. Tell 'em you're God and they need to fuck you. :eek:

    Oh I didn't, did I???
  7. elaborate some more, dewd.
  8. Just pretend your uber religious, then corrupt them little by little.:devious:
  9. I just marry them, wait 10 years, then pull my wang through the zipper hole in my cut-off jeans
  10. Grow a beard and tell them your the second cumming?
  11. üÜ äÄ öÖ

    i got a german keyboard

  12. If she's "uber" Christian, you never will.
    If she's a poser, as probably half of them are, you just need to get to the makeout and the rest is cake. I'd play it completely normal. Be hard to read, touch her a lot, tease her. The only I'd do differently is keeping the talking about sex to a relative minimum, as in this kind of chick it might set off red flags.

  13. Profess your belief for God.
    All women want sex, and everyone gets horny. All you have to do is turn her on, or wait until she's turned on, and make her feel like it's right or meant to be.
  14. you must except the lawd jesus christ as your lawd and savior or they wont look twice at you. or say you do anyway. its kind of messed up but id say my single greatest epic win of my life was getting sucked off in the mormon church down the road and never going back.
    imma terrible person:(
  15. no, you are an amazing person. you accomplished a feat many only dream about:hello:
  16. well guys, hopefully all goes well, i'll track progress in this thread lol
  17. I tell em im atheist :cool:

    but im not :D
  18. Tell her you need to be saved and only her holy virgin vagina can do this...by letting you insert your unholy penis in her vag...then her holiness will be broken and your penis will be saved. Tell her the kama sutra (sex bible) told you this. Hey! A bible is a bible. Amirite?
  19. If the girl is super christian its hard man. I have dated girls who had VERY religious families, and they went to church and shit regularly. But just cause a girl goes to church does NOT mean she is a "good christian girl". :)

    Just go to the local coin laundromat and hang out. U can find much easier pussy there. :cool:
  20. hahahaha :hello:

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