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Pulling Bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rogerwaters, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, so whenever I'm smoking weed with my friends it's usually from a bong and they all usually force everyone to pull the bowl in one hit. It pisses me off because I don't enjoy doing it this way, it would normally take me 2-3 hits to finish off a bowl but my friends insist that it gets you a lot higher to pull it all in one hit. So question: Does pulling a bowl in one hit get you any higher?? When I've done it in 2-3 hits it feels like I get just as high. Anyways, let me know because I wanna start enjoying it with my friends by not inhaling like a mofo and start savouring the ganj.
  2. If you're smoking the same amount of weed it shouldn't matter. Although if you're refering to clearing the chamber, well then thats just good form :smoke:
  3. Not by a noticable amount but some guys like to take bigger hits to make them seem cooler I guess. Same as the guy who tries to drink 30beers at once. You do loose some smoke not a lot.
  4. Ya, by pulling a bowl I mean they pack a bowl and then inhale as quickly as possible until the weed gets pulled into the water and then they clear the chamber in one hit. What I like doing better is lighting a section of the weed and getting a nice amount of smoke then clearing the chamber and afterwards I can do more hits since there's still weed in the bowl.
  5. It's all user preferance.. Do what you want to do, not what your friends want you to do.
  6. #6 kbr, May 19, 2010
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    Sounds like your friends might be wasting weed if they pull some unburnt weed into the water before the bowl is cached, or if they're torching the bowl. For a bong you really shouldn't be able to cache a bowl in one hit, unless it's a tiny bowl or the bowl's not packed full. But if that's not the case, there really shouldn't be a difference. Like someone else said, it wastes a little bit of smoke, but not much.

    I honestly understand where you're coming from though. I like to corner the bowl and take as many hits as possible. That way I ensure that I don't waste weed and get to enjoy it more. :)

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