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  1. I've got a crazy ass story that I'd like to share.

    when I was 16, my friend Paul and I went out to drink. we just walked around the neighborhood after school with a back pack full of fourlokos. if you don't know what those are, good. just know that the devil makes that shit. anyway, we go to a construction site and go into a wooded area that is taped off with 'do not enter' tape. we find a tree trunk and we start drinking. we each drink one and start feeling a littke buzzed

    we decide to get something to eat at the mcdonalds that was nearby. we go in and buy whatever shit we could afford with the couple bucks in our lonely pockets. we head back to the construction site for round two. we each have one more loko. we started to get really buzzed. then we realized that we still had two more lokos and we decide to share one and save the other one for another time.

    we couldn't even finish. so we tossed remaining 1/4 of the can and left. we decide to exit the construction site on the part that had barbed wire. I have very long legs, so I make it over the wire pretty easily. Paul, who's much short, wasn't as successful. he decides to just be a beast and grabs the barbed wire with both hands and bends it down so he could step over it. we take about twenty steps and then it hit us like a ton of bricks. lokos creep up on you like that. Paul starts wobbling like crazy.he managed to be stable enough to walk until we were about half way to his house. then it was like another ton of bricks hit him. this time he wasn't able to even walk without me helping him.

    we're almost to his house when I spot some kids I knew. they come up to us and they can tell we're gone as fuck. they were like middle schoolers at the time and I knew most of their older brothers. they accompany us to Paul's house. as we get into his neighborhood, Paul gets hit with a third ton of bricks. he starrs rambling incoherent bullshit and can't even stand on his own feet. we're in the middle of the street tryna pick him up and carry him. mind you, we're all cover in blood from the several gashes on Paul's hands from the barbed wire.

    we get him onto the sidewalk and he straight passes out. he starts going in and out of consciousness and we're thinking he's gonna die or some shit. at this point some of the kids had bailed on us. pussies...smh. I grabbed his cell phone and called his girlfriend and explained to her what was going on in an attempt to find Paul a ride home because we could barely carry him. she was some where far at the moment so we had no choice.

    passing cars see the following scene...myself and a couple of young black kids carrying a body that is covered in blood. some how no one calls the cops on us...Paul lives in a shitty neighborhood and it's always swarming with cops cars cuz ppl are always doing stupid shit there. we some how get to Paul's house and we approach from the back door. I grab Paul's keys from his pockets and go around to the front door so that I could open the sliding door at the back to let Paul in. I open the door and there's a random ass man laying on the couch. I was like wtffff since Paul's dad had been deported a while ago.he just looks up at me like who the fuck are you. i was like fuck him and I go to open the sliding door but I'm too fucked up to figure out how. the man just stared at me as I looked like a dumbass trying to get it open. I turned to the man for help and I'm like Paul is out there. he was just like ummm okay wtf. but he opens the sliding door and this is the scene he sees...three black kids holding up a barely concious Paul and they're all covered in blood. Paul manages to stumble into his house. I handed him his keys and his wallet and left. I somehow manage to walk home and avoid my parents seeing my blood soaked shirt. I get into the bathroom and throw up fucking everywhere. I tried my best to clean it up but I was too fucked up and sleepy. I think my dog ate it cuz it was all gone in the morning.

    Paul told me that he woke up in a different set of underwear than the ones he was wearing. also he never found his wallet again. the random ass man turned out to be Paul's brother's godfather who was visiting.

    damn that was fucking long! today whenever someone goes to hard and blacks out or something , we call it pulling a Paul. just thought I'd share with the City because my friend told me that his younger brother just got his driving permit so he can get as fucked up as he wants because he doesn't have to drive. he said he was going to pull a Paul and it made me think of the story.

    if you stuck around this long, this next bowl is for you

    anyone got any stories where you pulled a Paul? (if you can actually remember something haha)
  2. I thought this was gonna be a handjob thread "pulling a Paul" haha
  3. You owe me a bowl lol. Dam my first alcoholic drink was a 4 loko too, I don't remeber much from that night. Another time when I pulled a Paul I drank one two many adios motherfuckers and that's exactly what I did. Luckily my cousin doesn't drink it just so happens , she was headed to the car to smoke. So i followed her and then I just started flipping out and screaming get me to taco bell quick I need food! I remeber her speeding there and that was it I blacked out... Of course I found out the next day what i did. Lol, when we got to taco bell I opened my door and was trying to make myself throw up. But I ended up falling out of the car and some guy helped her get me back into the car. After that once we got her house I stripped naked and passed out in her bed and that's exactly how I woke up. Luckily i didn't have a hangover in the morning.:) not my proudest moment at all. Luckily ive only got blacked out with my family, so nothing bad has ever happened to me.
  4. Damn, my first time drinking hard alcohol I pulled a Paul.
    That was a good read, haha. Gave me a good laugh. 
  5. I think you're 16

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