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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ChaliTuna, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. so usually i'm a firm person in wrappin up, better safe than sorry (i've bit the bullet one time, got lucky with a miscarriage)

    But me and my girl were gettin down and dirty today and there were a few times where i was stickin it in and gettin things goin and then pulled out way before i finished and either finished on her or then put on a condom then proceeded to do my fuckings (that made me laugh sayin that)

    In plain words, how often does one have to worry about the 'pull-out' method?
    Anyone know realistic statistics or have knowledge?

    TL;DR : OP rawdogged it, pulled out, finished up, now scared of gettin a second girl pregnant

    i made sure to pee before we proceeded to have sexual activity, not sure if that helps at all or not
  2. Its a small chance but not one you wanna keep worrying about because that shit is mad stressful haha. Just wrap up from the begginin man or get her on birth control.

  3. Yeah i'm not really worried, i just always told myself after i fucked a few dirty/crazy bitches that i'd always wrap up since i made it from those happenings barely safe (Thank god)

    Guess i just needed more reassurance, thanks tho man!
  4. i laughed when you said you got lucky with a miscarriage.
  5. Hey no problem man, I know how these situations go lol
  6. I love the pull out method. Just keep a little cash aside for abortions and you're good to go man.
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    ever heard of pre-cum?

    I don't fuck around like that (pun intended)


    look at this little fucker,

    just staring you in the eye thinkin "yeaaaaah you're gonna have to raise me for 18 years"
  8. Birth Control Chart

    Pull Out Method - Withdrawal Method

    To put that in perspective..

  9. I don't understand why there are threads after threads regarding this subject. Don't want to get a girl pregnant? Use a condom. Have a mishap? Plan B.

    If you're too young or dumb to understand basic pregnancy prevention, then you shouldn't be having sex.
  10. while a lot of people just avoid statistics and will feed you false information, do some research for yourself to find out. unfortunately, not much is even studied on having sex raw because birth control products are huge in the market

    pre-cum does not contain sperm unless it is picked up from a previous ejaculation. it's merely the lubrication (seminal fluid) before you fire your load (Does preejaculatory penile secretion o... [J Assist Reprod Genet. 2003] - PubMed - NCBI). to back that up even further, i have had sex with my ex well over 300 times by pulling out and i only got her pregnant twice. sometimes sex is extremely addictive, so i feel you on that one. i am almost certain those two times she got pregnant were because of sperm that got picked up from a previous ejaculation and came out during pre-ejaculation. you need to piss after ejaculation if you want to go again successfully

    however, i recommend using a condom because there are always times you can end up ejaculating before you feel like you will. know what i mean? when you get really into it occasionally, you want to keep fucking her good until the few seconds where you can pull out. it's not something to fuck around with, though. always take the extra step and wear a condom or make sure she is on a form of birth control

    What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum
  11. I fucked this girl who had her pituitary gland in her brain removed. She's on basically opposite birth control. Meaning she can't get pregnant unless she changes her hormone medication. She's also not diseased so if I want I can go back and go raw every single time without the pitfalls of having a girl angry on birth control. I don't think she even gets periods to be honest. :D

  12. This muther fucker comes in here to brag lol

    And the pull out method isnt a reliable form of birth control
  13. I've been pulling out with the chick I've been seeing.

    I give no fucks, either.
  14. It happens so much. Lots of people act like they're above it but I can think of plenty of people (including myself at times) who use/have used the pull out method.

    You just have to accept what could happen.
  15. While I completely agree with this,I will say that sometimes the hormones get the best of us.

    I've done this quite a few times and have even had a condom break(which was the first time I felt pussy with my bear dick)and that damn near gave me a heart attack.

    But yeah,one of my ex gf's and I would raw dog it every so often and afterwards we would always swear we'd never do it again,but it never lasted until we had a scare.We only did it like that once more,but it was because we had broken up for awhile and wanted to have really good sex when we got back together.Luckily for me THAT time she didn't get preggers cause not only did we raw dog for a good while,but we broke up a month later.

    Pre-cum can cause pregnancy.It amazes me that people don't believe it can.

    P.S. I like bear jokes.

  16. Thanks man! exactly what i wanted to hear, some real cold hard facts and information

    Shut the fuck up with your negativity and bitching, if i wanted to hear that shit i'd ask facebook, instead i came to grasscity coming for some real information hoping somebody knew, i wrap up every fucking time, just because i do a little teasing without a condom on doesn't mean i blew a load in her straight up, i know the consequences, i've gotten a girl pregnant.

    Thanks again!
  17. Public service announcement: as soon as the penis comes into contact with the vagina raw there becomes a possibility of inpregnating her then. Pre cum is just as dangerous as the real deal..

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  18. I don't think anyone is doubting that. At least I'm not.
  19. I used the pull out method a lot years ago (when my partner was taking a break from birth control, for various health reasons at the time), this was like once a day for quite a few months, and there were other various occasions I did it as well

    She never got pregnant, if you're choosing to do it, you have to accept that there is a bit more chance it may happen, I went in to it with the mind frame of "it probably won't happen but theres a small chance".

    Fast forward a year or so later, when we were ready to have a kid, had sex twice unprotected and she was pregnant that month, so not like we're infertile.. Just my experience yo.
  20. Ever heard of menopause?

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