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    I dont know it seems like everytime I start to think good and get serious about life and want to change for the better there goes the phone. Really kills me because I want to start a career and all but I just dont know what I want to do, so I just bullshit around school and get by in life. Like an hour ago I was seriously thinking about joining the Navy and stopping smokin for awhile because my little brothers dad is retired navy and lives great now in his early 40's. But man if everytime that this happens my phone doesnt ring with someone from my old town talkin about its a drought out they are ready to come down. Idk mang it fucks with my head bc we really need money but I wanna live right it just traps me in like depression where I dont wanna do anything and I need to get a job but Im self conscience about gettin a job always for some reason. FUCKK MANG this is really just for people who think the same stuff or been through it. I moved away from everything but it just wont leave me and this shit is sketchy nowadays with all these new laws with the shit in FLA goin how it is and the taskforce waves they do and shit. WHY CANT I FIND SOMETHING IM PASSIONATE ABOUT AND WANNA DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE BESIDES SCHEMIN FOR EASY MONEY?!?

    im over here writin this shit on a weed website when i need to go to the grocery store and read like 7 chapters for my history final. money and her evil ways.
  2. Honestly, I feel the same way too sometimes. I feel like I have no direction in life and nothing i'm passionate about that I could really devote my life to. And it seems that as soon as I may be on the right path, something comes along and shakes everything up. My aunt has recently been diagnosed as terminally ill so in order to help support my family I've taken to making edibles for chump change. Of course it's probably different for me because laws out here in aren't getting harsher, they're getting looser, if anything. But that isn't the point, I mean I love weed and all and i'm going to continue to smoke for the rest of the time i'm able to, probably for the rest of my life, but at the same time I don't think that I want to get stuck in the rut of slanging.
  3. my boy from back home just called me with a big serve. i need the money but i just hate having to do this shit.
  4. Welcome to life. :wave:
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    yea I feel you man I sorry for your aunt. The weed isnt really what it is. I just want a job and some direction. I could really never see myself not smokin been burnin half my life. But Bacon I wasnt talkin about the weed laws man. And Lazy, bro I hope that everyones life aint this I really hope.
  6. thats how I feel mang.
  7. I was just kidding. Sorry for that. I just felt like it was appropriate because everyone has problems in their life. But really I hope things get better and I know what you mean about the self conscious part of getting a job i've always been that way too. I also live in florida right by the gulf, so I know howbad things are right now.

    Good luck to you, and hopefully things turn around for the better soon.
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    Shit that really what it is man. You gotta be blunt. no pun i smoke doobies. But someone is tyin to spend money with me that some people never seen at once and its a real life dilemma. I have lived and experience the downs and destruction of this shit and just want something positive for me. and i know what i have to do but its hard to see your own family struggle when you can get it. but they dont understand and cant get the job for me. Im really smart, just always used it to cut corners instead of building new brigdes.

    happy 420 folks
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    yes , welcome to a shit thing we call life .
  10. This is no life man. Thats what my message I guess to myself is because obviously few are understanding. Or maybe they do im not just feeling these shitty options. I want to start a hemp marketing company really who is in with me. We could be rich off something we love and have in common.
  11. tell him that the order is canceled, and join the Navy. Its a really good route, and can help make you into a man. Ive been thinking about joining the navy or air force or something alike but everytime i do i think about just opening a business or such and chillen.

    just what ever you do, try to stay away from things that can fuck you over, like serving big time. get fucked over once, and it usually starts a life of worst and worst crime.
  12. sounds to me like you'd benefit from some self-control?
  13. Damn I kinda understand what you mean. I was arrested for selling like 4 or 5 months ago and they've been holding my car so I can't work, can't do school, can't do anything. Oh and I had the idea to join the military also but since I had some bullshit diagnosis of bipolar I can't. Hopefully things will look up but I can't predict the future.
  14. Damn man just fuccin picked my lil brother up from jail. the bitch ass cop said my bro was going to jail instead of a warning bc he had no respect bc he knows his rights. I fuckin hate the world. It seems like no matter hard hard a person tries to do right they just cant get the one up. My brother is the complete opposite of me too is very peaceful and prolly the ideal stoner. So add some lawyer fees on top of that other bullshit.

    But to get to it. say something is 30 for one. you try and give it for 14 to a homey and they think your getting over bc its double watchu got it for a couple years back. So wat do you do. bc you know he is goin to make well over 10 bands off the shit so should i step the hustle up and the shits should be 10 instead of 14 or tell him quit cryin niqqa its a depression. not sayin its something illegal just in business what would you do??

  15. i feel you but is this life even worth not taking the risk? i mean look at what the world is today. should i not be taking the risk to get up before its impossible?
  16. we in the same position OP

    I wanna do good in my life ya feels me.
    everyday im broke as fuck, tryin get a lick ya feels me.
    next day im back to where i started. i hate this shit homie.

    wanna change i dropped all the street friends but im back with new ones doing the same shit but now abit more organized.
    im not a fucked up person i just need a path.

    Its tough out here man. *****s roll 20 deep just to stay outside and hustle.
    self concious thing about the job is all me too.
    its like i try to expand my mind to get money but in the end im right back down doing and thinking the same shit.
    i dont want to get football years but when i go outside no stores are hiring. need money to make money.
    its a concrete jungle out here u feels me. i can see out my window the condos the expensive apartments. like ive been livin in harlem my whole life and the shit out here is no bueno..
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    yup feels good to know other people on grasscity are actually out there. i gotta good lil thing goin where i can make some money but gettin people to catch on is hard to the dude from out of town is where im at. but its all good mang cant ever knock a man for tryin. and bro i hate that i dont even have friends out of the street anymore and really forgot how to make regular "friends" ya know. if they wasnt with me stayin with the schwaggs and fiends i dont even know you.
  18. shit is hard out here. Legit me and my friends are into making marijuana products, invested in a grow op but we are in limbo and rent is pounding on us.

    only work out here is 14 gotta give back 10 ya feels me?

    keep it strong man. us inner city kids got no resources but its gonna feel amazing when we get out and thats my hope.
  19. sounds legit. i got a great bud connect but so does everyone so you gotta grow really.

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