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  1. Hi everyone, just found this forum through a Google search and just joined the forum. I have a quick question... (see attached photo below)

    I was helping a friend move today, his roommate had a few plants he left there and I pulled these off (bad/dishonest/mean, I know, lol). But I want to know what I can do with it now. From what I gather they are female and have the little brown antlers coming out. It is extremely sticky, I couldn't even wash it off my hands, and VERY strong smelling.

    It looked like a nice little bud on the plant when I grabbed it off (in a hurry) but it and doesn't look quite smokable yet. Do I continue to try to make it sprout?

    Any info would be appreciated


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  2. those are no where near close to being close to harvest. All you got there is some immature buds that won't do anything. I suggest you go and apologise to your friend
  3. what the fuck are you thinking -rep
  4. We thought it would be something to smoke until we took them off. So I'm assuming the plant is still in the vegetation stage? Don't know anything about weed except how to smoke it.
  5. Wow....-rep

    If I was your friend I'd slap the shit out of you. That wasn't cool!
  6. Ok, so can we smoke this or not? We have it laid out on a napkin with a light bulb on it. Please do not laugh because we obviously don't know anything about this process, thats why I'm here :p

    It seems like we should be able to turn it into something, no?
  7. You are obviously too stupid to understand what is going on here...
  8. I think the point that is being made is that by being an incredibly selfish and bad friend you've now taken something someone worked very hard for and made it worthless.
  9. Ah. The young and the restless. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hmm.
  10. based on what the OP said, the roommate LEFT it there. like if he stopped putting care into it.

    idk and idc, but he just wants some answers lol.

    To the OP. i see a amber hair. i would put all of that in a blunt and smoke it and see the effects after. it gets u high thats awesome, it doesnt oh well.
  11. Bad idea.
  12. If you stole it your a dick. Good luck smoking it you wont be high
    you destroyed something beautiful

  13. I think everyone is giving this guy a really hard time. Dont get me wrong though.
    What you did was a total dick move. Because that could have become over 20$ worth of dank bud if you hadnt picked it.

    Ok so basically you just picked a very pre-mature bud. The bud will have far less thc and isnt really worth smoking.

    If you still want to smoke it just leave it out to dry, you dont need the light.

    i think you should feel pretty shitty about what you did because you basically stole a dub sack from him, and it wasnt even worth it for you.
  14. Lol that's going to dry into almost nothing. And taste nasty. And as premature as it is, it probably doesn't have much THC.

    So smoke it, and when you get a huge headache, think about how much your buddy is hurting because some punk ass stole some of his bud.

    Lol, it doesn't even look like bud. Some leafage and new growth, not a pistol in sight. Hahaha.
  15. no it wont get you high. :mad:
  16. taking a bud that doesnt belong to you is stealing, which leads me to believe you are an untrustworthy individual. im glad you are not my friend!

    that being said, if you want to smoke your ill-gotten gains, put the little bud in a dark airy place for to dry out. light and heat destroy the active ingredients in mj.

    and watch out for that instant karma!
  17. Wow! is all that comes to mind....

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