Pulled over while smoking a blunt..And got away!

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  1. Alright. This was a very very close encounter I had with getting busted.

    It was six days ago, and me and my girlfriend along with three other friends were all in my girlfriend's car, picking up a phone that I was purchasing from one of my friends in the backseat. We got on Eau Gallie, a generally popular road, here in Brevard County, and I lit up the blunt I rolled just 10 minutes earlier, and passed it to my girlfriend, and it went all the way around, and got ack to me, so the car was already quite smoky, seeing as I use a filter on my blunts, because you get a much more satisfying hit.

    So I'm holding the blunt, and we roll up to a four way intersection. We're facing north, and we all notice a cop car sitting at the light to our diagonal right, in the right turn lane. He was just staring at me, right in the face. I have dreadlocks, and it was 31st of the month, which means quota time, so I knew I was getting searched in a small amount of time. When he didn't turn, we knew something was up, and our light went green, and as we went, he got behind us and turned his lights on.

    Me and two of the kids in the back have already dealt with the law, and simply couldn't afford any more court fines. So I put the blunt out in my hand, and quickly shoved it my shoe, because it's my weed, and if anyone is going down it's me. I took my girlfriends pipe out of her purse and put it into a little secret door thing she has on under her dash that looks like a fuse box. One of our friends in the back says to light a cigarette quick, so there'es a reason for the smoke, and after about 10 seconds of hurried fumbling, I manage to do so.

    After the very first puff, the officer knocks on my girlfriend's window, and she rolls it down, as a huge cloud of smoke pours into the officers face while coming out the window, and says, "Can I ask what I did wrong?", and he has three very bogus accusations, which were physically impossible with the setup of the road.

    So while they're doing the whole license registration thing, two other cops, one which looks precisely like Striker, from Mortal Kombat (backwards hat and all) knock on my window and say to roll it down. Now the right passenger window in her car is broken, and doesn't roll down, and I tell them so they open the door and tell me to get out.

    It seemed like it was all over for me right there.

    So They bring me and only me to the cop car, and have me put my cig out, and ask what I'm doing tonight. I reply, "Oh, I'm going to my friend Frankie's house to buy a new phone because mine sucks." and Striker says, "No, I mean what are you DOING?". So I reply, sir, I don't smoke marijuana. Even though I'm sitting there dreadlocked and red-eyed.

    So my girlfriend gave them permission to search the car, thinking I put the pipe in my shoe. I only put the blunt in my shoe, and IT WAS STICKING OUT. So they made everyone get out, and stand about ten feet away, while an officer talked to them.

    They searched intently, but paid no attention to what seemed to be a fuse box. That had the pipe in it.

    So I had two officers talking to me, and one found a grape Phillies in my seat, which I was going to roll another blunt with when we got to my friends house. He says "Is this a blueberry? I know what you guys do with blueberry's. Damn you guys were gonna party tonight huh?" And I said, "No I really don't smoke weed, I actually smoke those, and it's actually grape, not blueberry.". So they decide they want to search me, and if I said no, they'd just get my information and run it through, and see that they legally could search me, seeing as I've been in trouble three times already. Now the weed is in my left shoe, blunt in my right, and the cop says, well we're going to search you, and they proceed to pull everything out of my pockets, including a switchblade, which is very illegal. They overlooked the switchblade, because they thought they'd definately find my stash. After searching my pockets and finding nothing the two cops went and talked to the other one.

    Now my friends were just sitting there laughing with the other officer, about something stupid. Tha't's when I realize..."Hey...I'm the only one they're searching...". Oh the pain and torment of dreadlocks. Not really they're worth it. So anyways, the cop just asks them if they have any drugs in their pockets, and they of course say Nope.

    So since they were obviously pissed they didn't find anything on me, because for some odd reason they didn't poke a finger in my shoe, they tried to give my grifriend three tickets, which is perfect, one for each officer. So she does what we planned months in advance, and starts crying, and luckily, her birthday is actually in six days (today), so they just decide to let her go. I was relieved.

    They tell me to take "Your blueberry that you're totally NOT going to smoke weed out of" and have a ball.

    We drive off, and ten minutes later, get stuck in a traffic jam, and smoke the still intact blunt.

    Thank God that taking your shoe off is considered a strip search. But still, they're allowed to poke inside with their finger, and for some strange reason, they didn't.

    The JuJu was with me that night.

    Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think. This was all very very true.
  2. Good job!
  3. Very good story
    From the title of the thread I thought you ran away LOL
  4. Great story mate, I'm glad you got away!
  5. Close call. Next time, don't even talk about marijuana until the cops say anything about it, and don't let them search the car. Your past history doesn't matter, if there is no probable cause they cannot search you or the car. At least you got a pretty good story to tell now :)
  6. Haha nice bro nice, gotta love those day's.
  7. Thats whats up dude.
  8. yeah don't mention weed, don't let them search anything.
  9. man are you serious lol

    "what are you doing?" "sir, i don't smoke weed!"
    smooth lololololol

  10. Psst.. he was already stoned so you cant really blame him for letting that slip up.. Plus the dreads.. pretty sure they were gonna say something about it if he didnt :p.

    You're lucky man lets hope youre always that lucky.
  11. I love reading this stories, now I know there is a difference between a search and a strip search and what they can and can't do. +rep
  12. wow cool storie

    remember this kids!

  13. Hahaha this made me crack up!
  14. Congrats man, you got really lucky.
  15. +++rep.
    good story.
    crazy shit.
  16. good story!
  17. Nice story and quick thinking with the cigarette thing
  18. nice job man
    crazy story dude
    close calls really really fucking suck.
  19. nice story man, and quick thinking girl you got there! watch out for them Po-Po's
  20. that fusebox stash spot is the shit, i do that too :hello: +rep

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