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pulled over while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnson1, May 15, 2010.

  1. Just wondering... Say you are driving while high and get pulled over. You are blatantly high, but have no weed or paraphernalia on you... Theoretically can a cop do anything about it?
  2. you can get arrested for dui
  3. yeah but how could they prove it?
  4. i speak from unfortunate experience. If you are high and driving that is an instant DUI and in the state of arizona its an automatic liscense suspension for minimum 1 year and after that you are still required to have the breathalyzer in your car for a year after that. If you are ever pulled over, high drunk or sober...refuse the field sobriety test as well as any blood tests or blue light eyeball thing. the only thing you legally have to submit to is a breathalyzer. if you take and fail the sobriety test you are just building a case for the prosecution. this little event cost me about 2k so far and i havent tried to get my liscense back yet...that will be another grand or so
  5. take you in and piss test you at the station. You can refuse to do this though and buy a detox kit and follow procedure to pass a drug test so you can get around it if you're smart.
  6. They couldn't. Which is exactly why you keep conversation to a minimum and retain your rights. The only way they could prove it is if they do a sobriety test or you blatantly tell them that you're high.
  7. if possesion is a felony in that state the court may order a blood test in which case you cannot fight it..well ya can but they wll just throw you in jail and get the sample after your sedated. and another thing is that many states can and will charge you with internal possesion if an illicit substance is found in your system

  8. wow

    hmmmmmmm DUI

    hmm, probable cause

    hmm, it's illegal to be under the influence
  9. These answers are only partial truth.
    DUID laws vary by state. NORML has all states and their DUID laws on their website. A state like NJ, where I live, it's not decriminalized but DUID is not illegal.

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