Pulled over the other night..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by eLeVeN_11, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So the other night.. i think it was friday night.. i was driving back from my friends with my weed, grinder and pot brownies we had made... well i ended up getting pulled over for no seat belt.. i left my friends at 1 am.. didn't get home till 2... long story short .. i no longer have my grinder or my 17grams... now i gotta go to traffic court on march 26th.. shit sucks
  2. omfg fuck the pigs

    gs up pigs down
  3. You Fail, how do you get searched for a fucking seat belt ticket. Ive gotten pulled over drunk having been driving a suspected get away vehicle, and I didn't get in any trouble. You must have had something out or acted really fishy.
  4. they probably smelt weed and your (if your in cali) your lucky they didnt consider the brownies as weed because they could have said you had over two ounces.
  5. Yeah dude learn to hide ur shit better, or something. if i were you i would keep that embarassing story to yourself...i mean shit.

    also, fuck the police.
  6. embarassing story?.. I'm not at all embarrassed about it... im just pissed i don't have that dank ass bud anymore.
  7. that sucks but you should have put in a mason jar lol
  8. are they pressing charges for the weed though?

    did you get a dui?


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