Pulled Over Last Night

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    Had a very big scare last night. I had off today from school and there was a big party last night. The time was about 2 in the morning and my friend was coming to pick up me and his girlfriend. We decide to stop by Wawa before dropping me off. Inside Wawa I saw one of my dealers with two other kids that im cool with. The three of them are 20 and im 18. I figure that if im just getting dropped off I might as well hang out with them for a little while to smoke some.

    So I talk to them and I just go with them back to the dealers house. I have a pipe, about a gram, and im drunk but this is about a 2-3 min drive. Apparently an undercover was in the parking lot and just followed us. We get pulled over because we didn't use our turn signal. I crotch my weed and put my bowl in a bakcpack. The cop takes his license and registration and comes back shortly. He breathalyzes the driver first then me. I blow and he looks at me. Asks me again if ive been drinking and I just say yes i had a glass of wine or two with my family because eI had corn beef and cabbage (its 3 in the morning) about an hour ago.

    He does the other two and briefly says I should have told him and lets us go. Thats it! After he leaves my dealer says that the cop was his sisters ex boyfriend and he knows him on a first name basis. Whew! I was arrested around Christmas this would have fucked me.
  2. gotta love wawa but there always crawling with the po9
  3. You got lucky that your dealer knew him. Would have really sucked if the cop held a grudge against his sister though and decided to fuck you guys over because of it.

    Good lie by the way lol.

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