Pulled over last night... had to eat it

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  1. so last night me and my friend picked up a dub and went to buy a white owl. we were driving down the street and saw a cop so i'm like lets got the other way home. so i went into the gas station and bought a white owl. we make a left out of the gas station and in the auto body place across the street was another cop in the parking lot with his lights off( cops have been staking this place out lately for people buying dutch's, white owl's, ect) so right when we pulled out he pulled out too but we had a car space in between us and him. so we drove down the street and i was like yo just keep going straight cause we were on the border of the town. so we go straight and he puts on his lights and sirens and i threw down the weed. this weed was dry and stemy and i had only a mouth full of water to wash it down. when he gets to the car he asked what we bought. i told him white owls and he asked my friend to step out of the car. my friend being an idiot told him we were going to just smoke the white owls. but this cop has pulled me over twice before so i just told him straight up that they were going to be used for rolling blunts. he searched the car real quick and let us go.
  2. why'd you tell him they were going to be used to roll up weed? haha, I don't see how your friend was a dumbass, you should have told him you were going to smoke the white owl because you like cigars. a cop can't do anything because he THINKS you're lying. Good idea to eat the weed, though... seeing as you were aware they are suspicious of that activity.

  3. Yea, that sucks. My friend buys cartons of cigs from out of town because they are way cheaper than where we live. So we drive out there and smoke a blunt on the way. He goes inside and the cashier asks him if he has any weed on him. Of course he said no and shit. But I asked him what that was all about and apparently that cashier asks him every time he goes there.
  4. well i don't think anyone who likes to smoke cigars would smoke a white grape white owl. and like i said this cop has pulled me over twice before and found empty bags and white owl containers both times and let me go so i was just be honest
  5. Since when is buying a white owl probable cause to not only pull a vehicle over, but to search it as well? You should have stashed the weed somewhere in the car and refused the search.
  6. Just because you've been searched before doesn't give them the right to search you again. Cigars are legal no matter what type they are..Your friend wasn't being an idiot, he was doing the smart thing. But w/e, at least you ate the weed and make 100% sure you couldn't get done, so thats a plus
  7. You do know you dont have to say anything to the cop?

    let alone give him a reason for your purchase . if he wants to be an asshole and pull you over for buying something perfectly legal then give him a hard time , especially if you already ate the weed and he didnt suspect you .

    also if you know cops wait out there you should either find another place to buy from or leaving the bud at a house or somewhere so your not ridin dirty while making the purchase

  8. i would have stashed it but i got arrested in sept and am trying to go on seciton 36 to get it wiped off my record so a second offense would ruin my life cause i'm curretnly on the hiring list for the FDNY
  9. Your friend is not a dumbass for telling him you were going to smoke the white owls. YOU are the dumbass for telling him you were going to be rolling blunts, because if for some reason there was just a little nug that you dropped last year lying under your seat he could have arrested you. you should have said you were going to smoke the white owls and ask why he was stopping you. if he cant give you a legitamite reason say "i really must be going officer. am i free to go?" and 99% of the time the cop doesn't want a complaint and will let you go.
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    Keep your weed by your testicles when you drive/walk around with it. In a bag of course. That way they will never find it, unless you agree to a search, which you shouldn't in the first place.

    And a great tip: buy a pack of tobacco for rolling cigs (even if you dont smoke cigs, or use tobacco in your joints/blunts). And some rolling paper. Have that on you all the time and if a cop stops you and finds your rolling gear, show him the tobacco and he will let you go immediately.

    I used this trick new years eve down town, was rolling a spliff with some pre-crumbled hash, took the hash out in my hand, and mixed it in with the tobacco, proceeded to roll the joint in the middle of the pub filled with people, and a guy says to me "if you're gonna smoke that, it's outside mate!" and i laugh and show him the pack of tobacco and he changes tone and laughs too saying "alright buddy, no problem".

    Having a pack of tobacco on you when you smoke is the best thing. Cigs dont work, it has to be tobacco. Everybody gets fooled (unless of course they see or smell your weed :D)

  11. it doesn't matter whether or not i said i was going to smoke with it. if he found weed and i never said i was going to roll with it he still would charge me with parafinlia.

    and this was me and the cops convo outside the car.

    cop- what did you buy
    me- two white owls.
    cop- no one buys white owls to just smoke what are you using them for
    me- to roll with
    cop- ok you have nothing on you right
    me- no
    cop- ok ( looks in the car with his flashlight for 2 minutes) ok you can go now.

    the only reason i called my friend an idiot is because he heard me tell the cop that and the cop got pissed at him for lying to him. trust me it always the best thing to tell the cops the truth because when you lie is when you get arrested
  12. +rep man. Common sense is hard to come across anymore lol
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    but it does matter.

    white owls are not paraphernalia, else the store couldn't sell them. buying white owls does not automatically mean you are rolling blunts with them. and buying a white owl is not probable cause, it's reasonable suspicion which is not enough to warrant any sort of search. You let him violate your rights, and he jumped right on it.

    Next time keep your mouth shut. Don't answer any questions. Give him your legal paperwork, and that's it.


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