Pulled over by Narcs last night...

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  1. Well yesterday was the first time I was ever pulled over by a Narc and it wasn't anywhere as bad as I thought it would be, here's the story

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago and I was with my buddy J at about 12:30 last night, he lives in the city, the northside, a decent neighborhood, nothing compared to the warzone on the southside. So once I get him, we pick up our friend S who had a dub of some kill dro, so we posted up on some side street and smoked a blunt.

    After we finished smoking and a cig, I took S home at about 1:45. On our way back from his house I was driving down a side street, about to get onto a busy street to take J home. As I'm about 3 blocks from the light, and I see a Narc posted up in a driveway, facing us, lights off. Once I saw him I turned to J and said "Were getting pulled over", and he said he knew. Were two white kids with cocked hats in a not so good neighborhood at 2am, and I have a front headlight out on my car, anyone would have pulled us over.

    As soon as we passed the narc in the drive way, I pulled up to the red light and turned right, but I saw the narc making a 3 point turn to come follow us. I get about two blocks down the busy street, Narc right behind me, and sure enough... his lights go on. We didn't have anything on us but we had just hot boxed my car an hour ago, so I was still pretty nervous he would find an empty baggy or a small nug on the ground.

    Two narcs get out, a older looking hispanic man came up to my window with his flashlight looking in the car REAL hard, and a real young good looking white guy came up to the drivers side door. Here's how the convo went

    Officer #1: Good evening, do you have an ID sir?
    Me: I sure do (Hands him ID)
    Officer #1: What are you guys doin over here at this time of night? It's pretty late.
    Me: We just dropped our buddy off and I'm taking him home and I'm going home.
    Officer #1: Wheres your buddy live?
    Me: Over by (street names)
    Officer #1: You guys got anything in the car or on you shouldn't have?
    Me: No sir
    Officer #1: Are you sure?
    Me: Yes sir
    Officer #1: Do you have an insurance card?
    Me: Yes (give it to him)
    Officer #1: Hold on a second (now both of them went back to their car).

    He came back about 3 minutes later and asked me to step out of the car, which we did. They got us on the trunk, emptied our pockets, and the younger cop started going through the car. Went through the car for about 10 minutes, searched the driver seat and passenget seat pretty throughly, then got to the back seat and I think he realized he wasn't gonna find anything and kinda half ass searched it... nothing

    My buddy J is a dealer though, and he didn't have an ID, and he had some like $500 cash on him, and I had about $150 on me. He asked us where we worked, I told him, and J said he didn't have a job(idiot...). They asked him why he had all that cash and he said from playing poker, hold 'em, and they believed it.

    After that they went back to their car, and I think they got another call cause he gave me my ID and insurance back pretty quick and told us to have a good night and left.

    They deffinatley knew that we had just smoked, they kept asking us where the dope was, did we just smoke it all, they asked who was slanging in this neighborhood and we just kept saying we have no idea what he's talking about.

    Sorry for being so lengthy lol, but it was a tweak. I thought they were nice though, I know that even if we did have acouple grams on us they probably just would have took it and not booked us.

    Also, when we were on the trunk, the young cop got us alone and said with a smile on his face "What were you guys doin tonight? Smoking? Dranking? You can tell me, your not getting locked up don't worry." but we insisted we weren't doing anything bad. Do you think if I told him ya we smoked a blunt he woulda booked us? I honestly don't think so.
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    No, he wouldn't of if you did tell him. If you don't have anything they can't do anything. I was with with a friend during school hours and we just finished smoking a blunt. They found an empty baggie (it had "Stay High" on it), a blunt, and cigarettes on me. They didn't do anything, no weed, no charges. I'm happy they didn't take my blunt or cigarettes away from me because they usually do and just drive away.

    EDIT -

    Usually when I have nothing on me I tend to be an ass toward them, like yeah im high wtf you gonna do bout it?
  3. Oh you live in Chicago too? Thats whats up. I live in the city though.


    CHI TOWN!!!!!!!!!
  4. Why did you let them search the car?
  5. I didn't have anything on me, why make it hard? Besides, if they found a couple dubs I don't think those guys were doin anything but takin it.
  6. Yeah I'm 99% sure even if I told him he wouldn't have done anything but no sense in gambling with it when were about to be let go. We had like a conversation with him and he seemed pretty cool, just a kid, he understood.
  7. LOLOLOLOLOLOL cop classic.

    Sounds like quite a scare but you guys seem to have taken care of everything without a hitch! Nice! Deny, deny, deny. :hello:
  8. If you told them you were high there is a possibility he could have got you with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  9. I'm in Chicago too and one think you NEVER do is tell a cop ANYTHING.

    If you told him you just smoked a blunt you would of got a DUI.

    I had a buddy that got pulled over with red eyes and they had him step out, searched, found a pipe, and charged him with a DUI down the street from his home.

    Those pigs had no reason to search your car at all.

  10. if they smell it, they dont have to ask for consent to search.
  11. Lol, can't they just lie and search then?
  12. Happens all the time, so I hear. That's their ace in the hole.
  13. Lol, I like how they took both of you out of the car, searched your car, had you on the hood and searched into your wallets and inspected the amount of cash you had, but they were nice guys.
  14. Exactly. That's my problem with their sense of smell probable cause. If they want to search your car, even if you haven't smoked in a month, they can just say they smell weed, even if they don't.

    And i'm gonna sound like a complete idiot saying this, but when the op says narc, does he mean cop? Or are there unmarked officers in unmarked cars or something. When I think of a narc, I think of someone who rats people out. But I guess in this situation it's narcotics officer?
  15. i once got pulled over with a quarter and a bowl and i was high but my car smelled good cuz i use a lot of air fresheners and i got off with just some maitnece tickets that i took care of
  16. Haha, exactly. They are not your friends and they are not there to pal around with you about the night's shenanigans. They tried their buddy-buddy tricks with you and you did the right thing by denying everything, but you need to know that they were being anything but sincere.
  17. First of all I would give you a high five right now, second I wouldent tell the cop I had smoked those cops can be tricky about twisting info, getting you into alot of trouble sometimes.
  18. This guy knows what the fuck is up.
  19. You mean, this lady knows what the fuck is up. :hello:
  20. Yea, they will protect you if some one breaks into your house. However just because they do help out, and they have a badge, they are not your friend. Never offer information, you know the saying. "don't speak unless spoken to" The more you talk, the greater your chance of getting into trouble.

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