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Pulled marijuana plant now what?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Julsmul, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Alright, so basically the cops came and in a panic I pulled all my younglings out and put em in a bag. They didn't find anything, but now I've lost everything. It is still possible to get a little buzzed with the younglings (3 weeks old)? I'm a little desperate. And depressed D:
  2. absolutely not at all bro.
  3. Did you tear up the root system? I would attempt to re-plant them back in the soil.
  4. wait.... why the fuck did the cops come lol
  5. eh they were just babies, you can just make more:D
    To answer your question with a big NO, well if your looking for a buzz, hell no.
  6. No.

    I had to add more words because my answer would be too short.
  7. meh. start growing inside for a week or two and you will catch up to where you left off.
  8. If cops are coming to your place I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be growing in my opinion

  9. hahaha thats why i if they came because of a grow and you just had babies....not a good idea...if they just came and out of paranoia the OP uprooted them...they maybe starting over is a good idea
  10. This makes me so curious haha.. I wonder which it could be.. OP care to shed some light? lol
  11. listen to ^^this guy^^ unless you like jail ofcoarse lol

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