Pulled after smoking a joint

Discussion in 'General' started by ldmott, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. I had smoked a little joint about 2 hours before i had the blood test.

    How fucked am i?
  2. I'd say pretty fucked.
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  3. Thought so

    its sucks man
  4. Takes about 6weeks got a solicitor so they can see if the procedure was followed correctly as its a newish law they may not have hopefully. If they havent they are unable to use my blood against me or we can get the case dropped. But thats a very slim chance the im holding onto for dear life
  5. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say you're at a level 9 fucked
  6. Personal experience or ?

    I can only hope they fucked up i know that much
  7. Not my own but a friends, but he had smoke around 3 to 4 hours beforehand (he swears he didn't smoke for a month before that but I don't really believe him so it's also possible he smoked before) and it came up. But maybe it's possible that it didn't get into your blood properly in just 2 hours
  8. Nah i smoke every day ha ha its in there.
    Did he plead guilty or ?
  9. That's why i always carry a dead body .... you never know they'll jump you for a test . Always remain inconspicuous .
  10. I think everybody needs a friend like you ha ha
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  11. He wasn't charged for anything, he had a problem with unmentionables and a whole intervention thing happened and basically was told if they find stuff in his system he's off to rehab, so he had his hair and blood (why both, I don't know) tested and the cannabis showed up on both the tests
  12. Shit ill do that howd you get that plea ha ha ? You from the UK or US ?
  13. I'm not sure how he managed to do that to be honest with you, it might have been because he was still under 18 at the time. I'm from South Africa XD
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  14. Yea if you smoke every day there is a decent chance you will fail that test even if you haven't smoked that day... Here in Colorado the threshold is 5 nanograms thc metabolites per miligram of blood, I'm not sure what it is where you are but, that is not very much at all.
  15. Shit bad times

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