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  1. my plant is nearly dead.. she sprouted two weeks ago.. has good quality soil good air and light, watering only when she needs.. but she needs to be tied to a support to remain up! White stem, drying leaves, and gets worse everyday.. could it be PH troubles??

    Is there still a chance or should i pull it??
  2. Sounds like the light source is too far away as in not intense enough
    To help keep them standing add some more soil around the stalk to keep them upright
    If you have more room in your pot then it will be easier to add soil

    I also have tried a straw cut down the middle on one side and wrapped it around the stem until they got strong enough to support themselves

    Another thing is that they are not getting enough activity as I like to call it
    A fan blowing a gentle breeze on the plant will help it get a stronger stem also

    What type of water are you using?
    If it is tap you must allow it to sit out for a day or 2 so that the chlorine among other things can evaporate out of it

    PH will be an issue if you do not check the ph of the water and/or the run off of the pot itself
    Not sure how bad they are try to get a pic up

  3. i used bottle water at first.. after a week she just kept on regressing.. i flushed with distilled after i gave nutrients(now i know i shouldnt have..).. and now only giving distilled.. but have bottled water sitting for 2 days already ready for next watering.. ill try get pics up asap.. thanks for the quick post!
  4. If its bottled water then you can feed it straight from there without the 2 days unless you wanted to get the water to room temp then you would have to let it sit out for a bit
    How quickly did you begin feeding?
    How old are they?
  5. i gave it two drops of baby bio after a week.. flushed 2 days later.. changed the lights to 26watts cfl about 2 inches away. changed the soil to some better quality ones. how do i get pics up?

  6. Wow sounds like she has been though a lot before the 2 week mark
    Could be signs of the stresses from the flushing of the soil to the transplant into different soil

    To add pictures you can hit the reply on the thread
    Then you need to scroll down to Additional Options which is below the submit button

    Hit manage attachments and select the pics
    I find it easier to upload a few pics at a time especially if they are high def

    Also you could have them uploaded to other sites like photo bucket for example and copy/paste the url onto the reply box and it will show up

  7. 5 days after sprouting

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  8. you have a bag lining that pot! if theres no holes how is it supposed to drain or allow air to the roots???
  9. there are holes in the transparent pot.. there is place for drain.. i put everything in the bigger pot to cover the roots from the light.. then I will repot IF it gets stronger.. as for air.. there are side holes in the container should be good?
  10. I don't think she is gonna make it unless you get her standing upright so that the last green on the leafs can continue the photosynthesis

    And too she is sooo stringy and that elbow she has will cut off the uptake from the roots so in essence choking herself

    Maybe we need to restart?
  11. guess so.. will just straighten her up and leave her going for a couple of days.. got no hope.. but will start looking for new seeds.. until then got some adjustments to make on the setup and next time round i will have some better growth.. thanks for the help!!

    any suggestions on holding that fragile thing up??
  12. imho, your better off starting from scratch. you werent that far in, its not sacrificing much more time to start new. that plant has already been stressed and will be more prone to go hermie or male.
  13. Use the pencil in there and get a twist tie from a loaf of bread or trashbag box that adds the twisties

    Get her upright but do not tighten simply have it sitting on it
    Kinda hard to explain sry

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