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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thepancake101, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Couple days ago I was hitting the grav bong in my buddys pool house, like weve done millions of times before, but this time it started to feel like there was a lot of crap in my throat and i ended up puking. I was also exceptionally high. ive never had that happen before and ive been smoking regularly for years. My friend smoked the same stuff and he was a lot higher than usual, but no nausea. oh and i felt great after i puked, it was just like a system clearing kinda thing.

    We did smoke a lot more than usually, but is it possible it could be laced? has this happened to anyone else before.
  2. It prob wasn't laced you might of greened I know an experienced smoker wouldn't green but you never know
  3. Thats how synth weed makes me feel. Toooo high.. and all in the head.
  4. Super big hits make you feel like puking. I think this is because you end up swallowing a good amount of the big hit, and all the chemicals upset your stomach. But if you can make it through that, you'll have an amazing high.

  5. Haha :smoke:

    But yea you just greened. It happens.
  6. Did you cough a ton from your hit?
    cuz its not uncommon for someone to puke cuz of caughing really hard and for some time.
    has happened to me before lol
  7. Similar thing happened to my friend lately. We haven't really talked about it but i assume he was so high that couldn't control himself. He took a T-break for 2months too.
  8. LOL! Bro you're fine.

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