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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ZooYork, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Anyone acually take a fuckin big ass hit of your bong or something an fuckin puke ?
  2. seen it happen never quite did. closest time was a gravity bong real early in the morning
  3. haha we mess with my friend cuz he pukes everytime he smokes more than half a blunt
  4. never puked.. never seen anyone puke.. however i coughed for about 45 minutes straight after a gravity once. thought i was gonna die.
  5. Ya.
    Everytime I take fuckin huge ass hits I feel like imma puke.
    It fuckin sucks.
    I never acually puked but I always feel it lol.
  6. yeah man i puked many times after taking a bong rip, i puked all night one time when i was on 2 40 mg oxys and one time on e, even if i took a drink of water or orange juice it would just come back up in 5 minutes
  7. One time I got so fuckin high i thought I was having a heart attack lol.
    It was fuckin crazy I had like a burning sensation n my heart. :p
    It was before school 2 so I was flippin out haha I was like fuck fuck wat if i pass out an die on the bus. haha.
    Getting off subject tho :p
  8. sometimes i thought i was gona puke but instead it was just a burp. the other nite i burped up smoke lol
  9. My friend usually pukes after his 15th or 16th 4ft bong rip... it's funny every time.
  10. No, my girlfriends friend did though. Was sick
  11. did that in english after a lunch hour smoke sesh at chief sealth in seattle. front row everyone saw it and the teacher was facing the whiteboard. luckily everyone tried to hold it together while i wafted:smoking: it away in a panic
  12. It happened to my girlfriend.

    She's not a heavy smoker, and I had just cleaned my bong.

    Well, I packed it, and gave her greens, she took a pretty decent rip, then she coughed, and before I knew it, she had puked all over herself and our bed.

    Needless to say, I was already pretty blazed, so I just kinda laid there in disbelief for about 10 seconds before I helped clean herself up.

  13. #13 expandingeye, Feb 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009
    For seasoned tokers i dont think you have taken a giant hit if you havent. Ive only once taken a gigantic hit(im talkin max lung capacity plus some) from a bong so big i could barely breath and immediately after it caused me to puke because i was choking from how big it was.
    edit:i remember it wasnt because my lungs couldnt take it, it was because my lungs were so filled after i coughed so much it caused me to puke.
    I dont think itll happen to me ever again though.

    With the amateur smokers that puke often because of taste or whatever, i dont think its quite the same.
  14. never puked. i get burp attacks tho when i smoke joints or blunts, because i can just suck down on one of those things and they dont make me cough like cigs do.

    but it makes me burp...pretty funny actually.
  15. Yes. It only happened when i first started smoking, and I would eat hella food then take a fat rip and I would puke.
  16. maybe once from coughing so hard
  17. i did the other night rolled a fat 4.0 blunt me and some guys were gonna smoke b4 we went to the club but it ended being me and my homeboy well i smoked 3/4 and after a bit i got dizzy and threw up but to be honest i think it was the blunt wrap cause it gave me the same feeling cigs do when i get sick off them i think it was just the leaf or maybe the blunt glue i used or maybe food posioning i wasnt feeling that well before (and it wasnt the weed northern lights isnt considered low grade still right?)
  18. One time my friends and I were driving around and smoking, and I took a huge hit off my bowl that my friend packed. Shit was bulging out over the bowl he's an idiot lol. I started coughing and threw up in my mouth. The worst part was we were goign about 50 miles an hour so I had to slow down and pull over so I could get rid of the puke, and the whole time it was sloshing around in my mouth. It was horrible.
  19. yeah that happened to me once... I packed a black and mild full of some very kind bud and smoked it with a friend, then went to work and within 30 minutes puked my guts out and felt sick and like i was about to pass out for 4 hours. all while working!
  20. I have thrown up after hitting a bowl, bong, it seems a little more prominent when tripping on either shrooms and acid, or acid, and shrooms, :) :smoking::smoking:

    it seems to be earlier morning if i throw up from my bowl. it has to do with my gag reflex tbh, its a sensitive little fucker, i abuse it daily. :smoking::smoking: oh btw im not bulimic

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