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Puking after smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sfsc, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. A buddy of mine from High School came over and we celebrated a bit. Sat and talked for about an hour and then he headed out. I felt horrible for about 30 minutes before I puked my brains out and now feel fine. Still stoned, though.

    Anyone ever puke? I smoke maybe once a week and used to regularly for about a year before this month.
  2. You probably coughed to hard and made your self get sick. Marijuana is actually a anti nausea so it does the exact opposite. Truly an amazing planet.

    Besides bro you feel way more baked when you throw up or cough! haha:smoking:
  3. I puked once, and that was my first time ever smoking anything.

    We got so fuckin baked (or at least I did) in this dude's apartment. I had the spins like it was nobody's business, I could barely even talk, let alone walk. But these goobers I was smokin with wanted to go to mcdonalds. So we load up in a car and we're bumpin some crazy techno shit through these shitty ass factory speakers and it was just fuckin my day up. Anyway we pull up and I tell em what I want, they go through the drive thru while I puke in the parking lot. It was like 2 am but since it was a college town the place was packed. People are gettin their food and im just hurlin like theres no tomorrow, somehow it was kinda funny.

    But yeah, whenever I tell people that they always wonder why I tried it again. And thats cuz aside from the puking, that was the most fucked up ive ever been to date, and it was fuckin amazing. Later I found out that the shit we smoked was really not that great. I can only imagine what my first time wouldve been like if I smoked that danky dank.

    Sorry for the long post, but yeah puking off weed is possible.
  4. I find that when I smoke in the early morning without eating something first, I get nausea. Then I tend to kind of empty heave over the toilet for a while, but only stomach acid comes out. It sucks really, but it is not a problem as long as I don't smoke early in the morning without eating something first.
  5. idk i have bronchitis or something like that right now and if i cough too much it makes me get nauseas, and the weed makes me not throw up for sure.
  6. I woke up at around 7, ate a "breakfast" (turkey sandwich :p) and had some water, toked up, ate a bit more, and then about an hour after that it hit me. Don't think empty stomach had anything to with it. I have a killer headache and I'm not high any more, though.
  7. haha. dude, this happend to me smoking roaches out of this shitty little acrylic bong. i hit it so hard, and gagged and blew chunks on my patio.
  8. You smoke like a bitch
  9. Yep, been there before. I was at work one night and over the course of 5 hours I smoked 4 bowls, which isn't anything out of the ordinary. After work, I went to a party over at my nephew's house and rolled a blunt and we went out on the back porch to smoke it, when it was gone we came back in and started watching music videos and then all the sudden my eyes couldn't focus on ANYTHING! I felt so bad I had to go and lay on the front porch where it was quiet and I got threw up twice. It was really bad, I didn't want to smoke again after that but it didn't last long and I haven't got that feeling since.

    weird thing is, I have smoked that much many times before, and I've smoked a lot since then but I have never got that sick again. I'm not sure what made me sick but it was the worst feeling ev!:smoke:
  10. thats weird man, one time my friend was like " its time for me to max out on this bong" and he started pulling it and breathing out the smoke through his nose, and then when he had done this for a little bit, he pulled out the slide, took the biggest hit he had ever taken and puked all over his floor lol
  11. I have a few times but I was taking pretty big doses of hydrocodone for Arthtritis and blazin at the same time. Never got sick from just bud.
  12. it just means your a pussy really, sorry...:(
  13. Never puked off weed, weed and alcohol mixed, yes.
  14. ive never puked from being high but i sucked in a pretty hot ash before and it hit my gag reflex i think twas some bullshit.

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