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  1. he,s cute and cuderly,he,s a beast and he takes advantage all the time .He wipes his face all over everything.He,s the dog l love to hate ,He,s a beast,lol..He,s a hero. Only in his mind ,but thats all that matters ,lol.

    Theres pics here somewhere if ya wanna look.
  2. what would we do without all these beasts we love to hate?
  3. We could quit buying so much dog food!!!!! LOL

    These heelers cost alot to feed..

  4. What are you feeding them? Mine are cheap to feed, they'll eat any dog feed you put in their bowl or spread on the ground. Mine will eat cig butts, lemon peels, watermelon rinds, etc...Well maybe not eat it all up but will chew and tear it up into a million pieces so it dissolves in the soil.
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    R.I.P. my best friend.25/12/2013.
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    That date is like 8 months from now...........

    Edit: but I'm sorry to hear about your loss

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