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Puget Sound Region Closures 11/15/11

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Asthmatic, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Any one know who got closed by the DEA today up in the Puget Sound Region?

  2. I have no idea but if they do another "Raid" anywhere else like they did here in MT in March (26 caregivers got busted) i am going to rage shit... Cali is already making mmj look too out of control and MT politicians think Montana is becoming a little colorado when were NOTHING like colorado besides the geography :wave:

    I plan on moving to WA eventually after i gather up enough money...
    Feds raid medical pot dispensaries in Seattle, nearby -
  3. the ones that weren't following strict laws were the ones that got glad they did. helps us get this shit more legitimized in the long run. these places that are allowing people without proper paperwork to come in and buy medicine deserve to be shut down.

    but from what I just read Club 420, Tacoma Cross(GOD DAMNIT thats where I got my Blue Dream and Black Haze clones), Lacey Cross, and Seattle Cross, Olympia Patient Resource Center, The Healing Center of Olympia, both branches of the Seattle Cannabis Coop and the Seattle G.A.M.E. Collective got raided.
  4. I read there were no arrest's just smash and grabs?
  5. ^ That is correct, no arrests were made, just confiscation, but I'm sure they have more up there dirty sleeve.
  6. curious to see what happened honestly, because AT LEAST the GAME collectives have already re who knows? maybe they got product back? idk
  7. My favorite collective was 100% legit and they got shutdown.
  8. ^ Feds don't discriminate between who's following State laws, it's the federal law.

  9. which was?

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