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  1. I have owned a couple of vapes and have a MFLB. I love the thing, but batteries are a pain, I want something that hits a bit harder, and easier to use. The rubber ring in the MFLB is a pain, but taking it out makes it lose its one hand friendly capabilities. :hello:

    I have been researching and looking into a new vape. It seems im torn between the Puffit and the Pax. The puffit seems much more stealth:cool:, and is a lot cheaper, but the pax looks like it hits a lot better:D, has better battery life, and charges faster. This obviously brings up some questions...:confused:

    Which is more conservative, the pax or the puffit? One full trench fill is more than enough(good enough for 2 really) with the MFLB, and is no more than .2grams either.

    How many hits does it take to get you :smoking:?

    How much grinded up herb does each hold?

    What DO YOU think? Im very interested.:smoke: (Im leaning towards the pax, but its pricey. I mean, its like twice the price of the puffit... which could translate into a LOT more mj)
  2. Interesting debate.

    The puffit reviews haven't been crash hot. If I had to make a choice right now I'd fork out the extra for the pax.
  3. The pax holds around .25 grams per full oven, and I have heard that the puffit gives a strong plastic taste to it. A lot of people over at fc have not been happy with it. I am going to get the pax, hope I helped.
  4. This guy got 26 hits off the PAX on one bowl!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqayKIFN_iE&feature=player_embedded]PAX by Ploom Full Session Demo #2 - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Ended up finding a pax to order from vw and because its not colored and is in black, i can get it before they ship the actual launched product aug15
  6. ....it's going to be tough to beat the pax....this thing is wicked....
  7. I'd get the pax.
  8. How is the battery life?
  9. Apparently, it takes about 60-90 minutes to fully charge the pax, and they claim it lasts 2 hours of actual vape time. I've heard everything from 1-2 hours from different reviews. I'm going to say at the 3 different temperature settings[[[ low(370F), med(390F), high(410F)]]], they burn through the battery accordingly, would guess if you left it on low, it would last two hours, medium, 90 minutes, and high 1 hour.

    I guess it depends on what your situation is at the time how you vape. low setting will should make little to no visible vapor, thus making it most stealth. medium should show a little more vapor, and is slightly detectable, but is a comfortable setting, and high should be a large amount of vapor, comparable to the amount from say, a home box and whip unit.

    My Pax will be arriving by 3pm today. I will get it, use it, and let yall know how it goes. (I will do this soon(within the next 19 hours) incase you are on the fence about it, because if you order the pax from vapeworld, as long as you order black, until august 15th or so, you will get free overnight shipping, and a 2" aluminum grinder.)

  10. 26 hits. one bowl. and the last hit is still very thick. if you look at the bud when he is done, there is still life left in that bowl to continue vaping. thats 26+ hits, and very good hits at that (compared to other portable vapes) for a very long time, he was inhaling for awhile and blowing out a steady stream of vapor and that wasn't so much the case at the end of the video, but that could be because the bowl is starting to die, or he was just finishing up and now holding/inhaling the same.

    Im excited to see what the results will be and how many hits it actually takes. (not to finish the bowl, but to get you blazed) because he must be on mars. the bowl takes about .25, and with 26+ (more like 30+) hits in one bowl, and thick thick hits as well, it shouldn't take even close to that amount to get you there.
  11. Tagged. I'm also looking at buying my first portable vape. I've narrowed it down to the choices above plus the MFLB.
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    Ive been thinking about getting the solo but lately I've seeing posts about the pax.Coincidentally I woke up this morning with a little $250 gift from my bank so now the pax is being heavily considered.

    Also, is it REALLY worth it? My main concern is the price. For $250 I can get a Solo AND Mflb, and still have money left over..
  13. i personally love this vape. with its 10 year warranty, i dont mind paying for the price. it gives off a lot of vapor. is conservative, charges fast, long battery life, doesn't really have breakable parts, its very durable.

    in the end its up to you. i would suggest this, being a owner of a mflb and a very frequent user of the solo. the solo's vape quality is very comparable to this, but for the extra portability and charging and stealthness, its worth it
  14. do you know if it will vape hash?
  15. What's happens if in 5 years they go out of business? What does that do to the warranty? I want one obv
  16. I dont know if itll take hash, but i would say no. I mean it might work, but hash is so sticky i wouldnt personally. And if they are around in 5 years or not, who knows. They make other products. And the way laws are going, cannabis is going to be legal (at least). Its just a matter of time. And people are going to want a healthy way of doing things. Which is vaping. And as for home or on the go, this is the best portable imo. Ploom seems like an established company with multiple products. I feel like they have less of a chance of going out of business than MFLB. Because thats all they sell.....
  17. It would void the warranty i believe
  18. That is me... I tried to streach the session as long as possible to see how many hits you could get out of the unit. In my normal session I probbaly would not have taken the last 6-8 hits. They start to taste quite ABV in their taste. I still find that I can get 15-20 fantastic hits out of a fully loaded oven.

    My tolerance is through the rough... I don't really get super high anymore. I pretty much medicate throughout the day. For instance I would have been fine to drive right after that. Personally, I funtion better when I am high. I am calmer and my OCD bothers me less.

    I have a PUFFiT on the way. Should be here this week. I will be doing a review of that as well.

    Also you can see my full review here:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMdP1x8e2wo]PAX by Ploom Video Review - YouTube[/ame]
  19. pax is better imo. used both and while puffit is alright, pax is where it's at. as far puffit reviews not being all that hot, here's the most comprehensive puffit review (click the link) that i've seen thus far. it's only a $110 difference in price right now. i'd personally cough up the extra cash for the pax. not too fond of the cycling system used by puffit and pax is just more in line with what i want out of a portable vape.

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