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Puffing getting dumber vs smarter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tirehu, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. #1 Tirehu, Jul 29, 2012
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    Heey. Kinda newb/stupid question but i have smoked for about one year.

    I just feel so lost when i dont smoke these days, Spacing out. Forgetting. Cant think properly. when i smoke and dont smoke i just mumbler when i speak with people. not always but in middle of the converastion i start mumbling...

    Will reading a book while high. Starting to work on something creative.. Spray down a wall or something help me out?


    - Tirehu
  2. Is English your native language?
  3. No man. Let me fix that

    Done bether?
  4. Just try to do physical activity, that shit happens when ur all tired from being high over long periods of time... Well for me anyways. But as long as i stay energetic and awake, I dont really notice anything.

    I dont think weeds making you stupid lol, Just tired and puttin you in a dazed state, know what i mean?? :smoke:
  5. Maybe you need to moderate my little Chinese friend

  6. I`m Norwegian dude
  7. lol pwnt. where in Norway?

  8. Oslo, behind the building behind that rock over there.
  9. [quote name='"Tirehu"']

    Oslo, behind the building behind that rock over there.[/quote]

    Probably going with dumber :D
  10. :D back t your question.

    i can only do 'creative' things high, i.e. write, draw. i can't do homework high :/
  11. Maybe you should smoke less indica dominant herbals, and puff on some sativa dominant herbals. Or alternatively don't smoke as much in one setting, try a few bowls and just have few bowls every couple hours.
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    Never get enough insight into these peoples lives to really ever help them.

    Could be you are lighting up too much. Some people can't handle smoking all the time like that without noticing some changes. Could be change in your eating/exercising routine since you started toking. Both are vital to staying sharp and focused. Make sure you're staying hydrated and getting all your vitamins (better to get them from food/juices rather than pill form.)
    Personally, I've been smoking 2-3 times a day everyday for 5 years minus a 3 month 't-break' once a year. I usually don't spark up till after dinner time most days. During the daytime I feel perfectly fine. It's only after I just came down from a high that I feel hazy, and even that doesn't last long. I run 5 miles a day, fish is the only meat I'll eat and I only drink water --unless you count fruit smoothies, I have one at night on occasion.
    Here is what I recommend to you. Take a break for a few weeks, you'll notice your old sober self coming back in no time. Once that happens, start getting into healthier habits. Easier to form a healthier life-style when on a break. Once those habits are formed they are easy to keep up, even as a daily user. These are just my opinions which are based on my personal experience!

    Edit: Only thing I can't do high is math.. I always fuck up the numbers... I'm a college student and I took a creative writing class last semester. Every paper I wrote I was stoned doing it and got an A on every one of them!
  13. Yo! U need to take a break once in a while cus its really fucking u up, i dont think u can write either, give it a few hrs before ur next toke.
  14. I have deeper more intelligent thoughts just getting it onto the paper is the hard part.

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