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Puffin solo or w/ buddies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TenMac, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Which one do you prefer?

    I would definately smoke with buddies more than on my own.. But at times such as these I can only smoke on my own which in a way kinda sucks but in a way kinda good..can you discern the pros and cons
  2. I usually smoke alone, but I do enjoy smoking with a close friend or two from time to time. Usually smoking along suites me better because I like to smoke all the herb...ha!:smoking:
  3. Usually alone, sometimes i get nervous or a little bit of anxiety when i smoke with people i am not totally comfortable around. Plus when im by myself i can just chill and do what i want, and not have to constantly be watching friends in case they do somethin dumb or fuck some shit up
  4. i usually prefer to smoke alone, but sometimes im in the mood to light up an L or something and hotbox my car with a few buds.
  5. i like smokin alone more but with people is still very fun. have to make time for both
  6. It is my first night of summer and Im puffin' alone.

    I want to listen to the new DMB album I picked up and just chill outside. I was in a tossup to do it with friends or not but I want it to be my night.
  7. Usually alone, sometimes at work with a co-worker :)
  8. I like both, a lot of the time i smoke alone, purelly to enjoy the high by myself and do what ever i want, but there are some things that are really fun to do with friends, Me and my friends get high together before homecoming and before other dance organized by the school always much more fun when it's more than just you that's high
  9. alone is a lot better i think
  10. I like smoking with people more than I do alone.

    I always get a lot higher when I smoke with people ( I think it is because my mind is trying to do more things)

    I also tend to get smoked out a lot so that's always incentive to chill with people...
  11. solo more bud for me!:smoking:
  12. ehh depeds on my mood. i like smoking by myself but thats because i do like everyday haha. but its also really fun with a close friend so all in all i like them equally because either way im high :smoking: hhaha.. i just have to finish my tbreak.. i can smoke on friday :hello:
  13. An even balance of the 2. Chillin with the boys, just kicking it, smoke a little then play some basketball is always fun.

    But then laying in bed playing tunes and taking PM bong rips is just heavenly. So i can't choose which i like better :smoking:
  14. I would much rather smoke with other people. They make you laugh and they're generally fun to be around. I smoke by myself sometimes, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much
  15. I enjoy both equally. I find that when I smoke with others or buddies, I can connect with them on so many different levels than while sober. Conversations are usually more intriging; I find I enjoy being around people (namely the fiancé's friends) when otherwise I'd be bored/annoyed.

    On the other hand, smoking alone is just so relaxing, rewarding even. No obligation to smoke others up; no weird drama. Just you, some good music or a movie, munchies, and you're good. Total contention being alone.
  16. I like smoking with one other close friend. Just the bonding and just connection you share when you smoke with someone close and you both look at each other and both know each other is stoned is the best feeling
  17. Solo most of the time but always willing and ready to smoke with somebody.:smoking:
  18. yeahh both is quite enjoyable! when i do it by myself, its almost like i get a different high, maybe because im not talking really or i dont have anyone else besides me thats influencing my high. but its really nice.

    and with friends is more of geeking out cuz of what someone says or something ha. i guess i like friends a little more, but whatever your heart tells you haha
  19. I enjoy smoking alone more, maybe because I'm not sociable when high in the slightest.
  20. I like doing both but I'd rather smoke with a few of my friends. I like smoking before I go to bed alone though.

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