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Puffco Peak

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by lessthanjeezy, May 25, 2018.

  1. Hey Blades,

    Did anyone buy the Puffco Peak and if so what has your experience been so far? I have been following a thread on FC but it seems like the atomizers on the thing burn out super quick and that people were having a bunch of issues with it. I wanted to get this for discreet dabs down at the shore house, but don't wanna drop almost 400 bucks on something that will break after a month
  2. image.jpg Best device they have is the puffco pro 2. The peak is ran off a small battery, thing prob dies in 20 minutes. I have the puffco pro been using it for 2.5 years never had a issue and my wife carries the pro 2 with no issues.
  3. Check out the Huni Badger. It's replaced my dab rig use due to portability and swappable batteries. It's more a necter straw however, I just ordered the water attachment for it too.
  4. Yeah I have a Puffco Plus as a pen, no coil and gets me nice hits but still doesn't give me the same effect as a rig, and from a lot of what I read on it is that the Peak is the closest thing you are getting to a hit off a regular rig which is what "Peaked" my interest. Bad pun, I know.

    Thanks for the info, I will take a look.
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  5. Almost pulled the trigger on the peak yesterday but then went and read some more horror story reviews of atomizers breaking within a week and whole units breaking down...I know it has a year warranty but at the price tag I think I am probably leaning away for it which sucks because this seemed like the perfect solution for hotel dabs/discreet dabs without the torch when not at home, but all these issues make me feel like I should wait for something better to come out
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  6. I got one Monday, and used it twice so far. I'm pretty amazed. Started my own thread on it, just now.
  7. Yeah I decided against getting it for now because there were just far to many reviews of the atomizers crapping out or the whole unit breaking within a month, sometimes even just after a few uses on the atomizers...Hope you have good luck with your unit
  8. New products, especially electronic devices, go through growing pains. I believe the Peak is already in it's 2nd iteration. If it dies before a year's up, great - maybe I will get a newer model replacement. If it dies in 366 days, I will pay for a newer model myself. Either way, from what I've seen so far, it's worth it.
  9. Yep, I am just waiting until they work some of the kinks out before purchasing one. I totally understand electronics going through growing pains, but when you are charging almost 400 bucks for an e-rig, you need to do a little more quality control before that product hits the market. Here is a thread with a lot of peak owners and their experiences: Puffco Peak
  10. I skimmed through the 1st 5 pages and the only real complaint was price. Anyone who actually had one was just as impressed as I am. How many posters there had truly verifiable defect failures? I bet that number (including not just the self-ascribed experts in that forum) compared to total sales represents a perfectly normal come-back percentage for this type product. There's no way to know the real math unless you work at Puffco.
  11. It is toward the back pages of the thread where people start talking about atomizers crapping out and units not turning on anymore. And yeah, clearly I don't know the numbers, I just know that I always read reviews of new products before purchasing, and this one had a lot more negatives than I was comfortable with. Also, 2 out of 3 of my friends that purchased one had to replace their atomizers multiple times with moderate use within a month, and the one wouldn't turn on after a month and a half and had to be sent back to puffco.

    Here are a few people stating issues from that thread:
    I know I know... everyone is gonna be shocked. I unscrewed my atomizer today and the bottom half of the atomizer remained screwed in the base. Sigh.

    Got my unit yesterday. Charged for few hours. Turn on, check battery with triple click, green! G2G.
    Loaded first dab, double click, smooth hit !
    Q-tip the bowl, wait a few mins, load next , now when I double click to start heating the light will flash 5 times (solid color, no rainbow) and stay off.
    The unit still keeps unlocked (on) but the double click to start heat never holds. Tried unscrewing the atomizer and putting it back but doesn’t seem to do a thing.
    Anyway had similar experience,?

    Ok , I just got my peak today but after 1 bowl the ceramic plate attached atomizer cracked. I just emailed support so lets see what happens. Still not sure how it broke ...

    First atomizer broke after a few days. Took 2 weeks to get a replacement. Then the base started dying overnight, even when I last used it with green battery. Then the replacement atomizer broke. Fortunately I had a backup atomizer this time, but when I screwed it in the Peak, I still got the rainbow light of death.

    Believe me, I think it looks like an awesome product and would love to own one, it would be super convenient for me down the shore, but like I said, I wanted to wait until they worked out some of the kinks.
  12. Broken atomizers? Just a WAG, but suspect operator error in a significant portion of that narrative.
  13. Yeah, the main issue has been the atomizers many people say they are just constructed poorly, someone took one apart too and was able to get it working again, a wire came loose because it just wasn't put together very well which I am sure is the majority of the atomizer issues. But when you are charging $40 for an atomizer, I would hope the build quality would be consistently good and last for a decent amount of time, at least a few months.

    The issues with the units not turning on or getting the rainbow of death are fewer and further between, and if it happens within a year it can always be replaced. I will likely wait until they get past the first year of being out to see if units start crapping out or if they are holding up well and then get one at that point. For now though, I'll just keep shleppin the torch, rig, carb cap, and banger down the shore
  14. So looks like I will be getting a peak after all. Was informed by a couple of my groomsmen yesterday that they chipped in and bought me one for my wedding...Looking forward to using it and giving my review, been watching some maintenance videos and what I have gathered so far is very lightly q tip the ceramic bowl after a dab, torch the ceramic bowl if it gets too dirty to get it clean again, soak the atomizer in iso to remove any gunk (which seems wrong to me to soak something with electronic components, but that is apparently what one of the people from puffco recommends) and eventually upgrade the carb cap. I also am going to buy a couple spare atomizers to have on hand if one craps out while using it.
  15. Peak came in the mail yesterday and my fiance and I were able to take 3 dabs out of it (Came in the mail late and I wanted to get a full charge on it so didn't fire it up for the first time until like 9 at night)

    First Thoughts: Love the size and the look of the unit, it feels heavy and sturdy. Wish the cable it came with was a bit longer, its about 3 inches and most of my outlets at my house are higher than that so switched out to a different micro usb cable and was all good. Charged in about 90 minutes out of the box, but it says about 2.5 hours if it is dead.

    I read the entire instruction manual, and watched a couple videos of people using the unit to make sure I was doing everything correctly as there are some important tips with the unit (for example, put your concentrate on the bottom and not sidewalls of the ceramic cup, don't fire the atomizer consecutively four times, and be EXTREMELY gentle when q tipping the ceramic cup after the dab so you don't crack the atomizer that sits under it. I just roll the q tip in my fingers, rather than press down and move the q tip around like I would normally do with my quartz banger.)

    I turned the unit on, has a strong vibration to let you know it is on, then cycled to the heat setting I wanted (I went with blue for medium size dabs) I loaded up my concentrate, popped the tiny carb cap on, and double clicked the unit to heat it up. About 20 seconds later I started smelling some nice terps, the unit vibrated and I started inhaling. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the vapor production, I got about 3-4 good hits off the one dab that were flavorful and smooth. A lot of people compare this to an oversized pen, I definitely got far better effect from the amount of material out of the peak than pens i have tried, but the $40 replaceable atomizers are definitely a downside to the unit.

    Both dabs I took from the unit I used the boost mode for another heat up since I still saw a small pool of concentrate and got some decent dabs out of that as well, not as flavorful, but not anywhere near as harsh as a reheat on a banger. May have to adjust my draw technique or bump the heat up to try to finish the dab without needing to boost. My fiance's words after her dab were "This little fucker packs a punch" - they should put that on a t shirt.

    Overall, after initial use, I would give the Peak an 8/10. I don't think this will completely replace my quartz banger/insert setup, but I will be going to this unit at home more often than I thought. Initially I thought I would use it mainly in hotels or down the shore, but it is pretty convenient to take a quick rip once you have it set up. I give it an 8 due to the frail and expensive atomizers, if they could get those down to like $15 I think it would be far more reasonable, or make them more robust so you don't have to be as dainty when q tipping and hopefully last like 6 months or more of regular use. I will update this in a couple months after some more use to let you guys know how the unit/atomizers are holding up.

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