Puffco Peak pro vs Focus V carta

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by angies, Apr 12, 2023.

  1. Hi,
    I have purchased puffco peak pro, But not impressed with the device
    What about focus v cart is that product better or anyone used both devices please let me know
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  2. I got one on the holiday sale
    The phone app aside once you get over the learning curve and dial in your method you will be happy
    One thing to do is switch out your 3D chamber for a normal one
    Pick up a 3mm ruby and glass directional cap IMG_20230303_174002.jpg IMG_20230303_174035.jpg

    When you hit it with a ruby rotating it is great clouds with equally great flavor
    Love my peak pro
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  3. Your the only person I know who doesn't like the Puffco peak pro.
    I have the Lookah Seahorse Max and like it
  4. I think the Puffco Peak pro is overpriced and I am new to Puffco
  5. That's why you wait for a sale and get 20% discount
    My puffco gets a lot of use
    If u r that unhappy sell it or see if you can return it
  6. Where I can buy puffco peak pro in lowest price
  7. Wait for black Friday or 420 sales
    Next one is the 7/10 sale in July
    Thought u bought one already?

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