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puff, puff, pass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MellowMan90, May 15, 2011.

  1. People I smoke with no longer abide by the rule of puff, puff, pass. I understand if your smoking some regular weed you have to take more than that but when it comes to kush and dro this rule should be known by all. There's only a few veteran smokers I know still abide by this rule however most other smokers I know will hit the blunt like 7 times and they take some big hits too. I don't enjoy being the one to constantly remind people to pass it but if I don't nobody else would ever get a hit. The problem is smokers are getting greedy I have actually heard smokers admit that they don't care about anyone else there their gonna take in as much as they can. What is up with that?
  2. As well people need to stop holding onto the blunt while they talk for twenty minutes. As a stoner you should be ashamed of yourself if you allow a blunt or joint to smoke itself. Remember your either hittin it or your passin it.
  3. when you become an adult these things wont matter..
  4. well if its a J its puff puff pass, but if its a blunt and theres only 2 of us we can do three or 4 puffs cause we know its gunna last awhile. just keep your blunts tight.

  5. If you do things right people wont know you did anything at all.
  6. I hate it. Everybody down here will chief on the blunt ( untill they start to feel high ) if your last in rotation be ready to smoke that roach!

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