Puff Puff PaSs!

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  1. The first time I smoked I didn't know I was smokin pot. My friends passed me a cigar and I started smokin. I noticed my legs were twitchin and everything was going in slow-mo. Someone finally told me what I smoked, and I freaked and ran home. I was never really told about the effects of pot....or that you couldn't OD.......I freaked out in my room til I came down....then I hit up a soniC!

    KeeP On SmoKin!!
    LeGaLize iT!!
  2. lol - i think weve all been there...

    my first smokies was just before a college lecture.. needless to say I dont remember much of it :)
  3. man how could u not tell the difference between reefer and tobacco? they're totally different. expecially on summin cigar sized...
  4. myfirst time was hyterical. Well 2nd time actually. I didn't get high the first time. i didn't think n e 1 did. But n e wayz-this methodman and redman song was on and i couldn't stop dancing. i have it on videotape. For 2 and 1/2 hours straight i just danced. It was wierd-but, fucking hysterical when you watch it. lol
  5. Lol, you were duped into a doobie!

  6. LOL suprised with a spliff! :smoking:
  7. first time i smoked i was with a friend and her boyfriend, and he pulled out this bong. i didn't know how to use a bong, had never seen one before (been around pot but never a bong).
    something called "sonoma coma" was being smoked, and they'd put like a little more than a pea-sized nug in the tiny bowl (it was a graffix). I was like that's it? dude I know people don't get stoned off that little, do they? The weed was BRIGHT ASS GREEN. I got so supa stoned I ate so much that night it was crazy!
  8. First time i got stoned (third time i smoked)

    i thought i was dieing for like 5 minutes^^

    then after a while i didnt care if i was dieing or not
  9. One night me and a friend were supposed to go to the fair but it started sprinkling outside and my mom said she would not take us because of the rain anyway I had decieded earlier that I was finally going to smoke some weed so when the news of the fair set in I looked at my friend (a long time smoker) and asked if he could do anything with $20 he said yup left came back 10 mins later with another friend who then sold me one of the fatest 20's I have ever got. It was a cola bud reached from one of the bad to the other anyway I looked at my friend and said how are we gonna smoke thin he said give it to me (I trusted this dude very much) he took my bag left then came back 5 mins later with a professionally rolled joint I got my lil brother and my friend we went outside while my parents were inside and smokeded the fuck out. I remember walking inside thinking the walls were moving I swear to go f only I could be a lightweight like that again. lol look im rambling and im not even high hrmm.


  10. suckered into a swisher ;)
  11. The first time I smoked, I was in eighth grade, so I was like 13 or something. I did it at my birthday party in my bathroom downstairs while my parents were asleep upstairs. I'll never forget- we smoked out of a tin foil pipe. I just remember hating the taste (big surprise, it was schwagg) and it burning my throat. I didn't smoke very much, I think I only had like 3 hits. I didn't get high though. The first time I got high was after I had smoked like 5 times or so. My friends and I smoked out of a tin foil pipe yet again and I got so stoned. We ordered pizza and I sat there with the same piece in my hand for like 20 minutes, and they told me that I drank all the pop, but I don't remember that. It was crazy!

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