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Puff Papers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.Redeye, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. so the other day i walk over to a local headshop, same place where i bought my bong. i went to pick up a new pipe, and in the back of my mind i was thinking "i should get papers". joints are very discreet, easy to ditch in a pinch, and though i had never rolled joints before, i thought i should try. so, i picked up a random pack of papers called "Puff: Choice Hemp Papers". they're not sold over grasscity, the website mentioned on the back of the pack ( is down or just gone, and i found Puff mentioned on a site devoted to rare and collectable rolling papers. what is the deal with these things? has anyone ever heard of them before? has anyone had trouble finding them?

    i tried them out, and i quite liked them. they're lightweight, all natural gum, pure hemp, no flavour to them, and burn slow. my joints turned out pretty well too.
  2. havnet tried that particular brand i think but i like hemp papers because I think they burn slower...
  3. i like E.Z. Widers myself. they give ya more to role with. i always end up double rollin the others newayz so this just kinda saves time. there bout 1 1/4 inches wide i bielieve. but no, i havent ever heard of "puff" papers man. sry.
  4. if im not mistaken, puff is a canadian company. ive used puff papers and they werent bad from what i remember. i have a puff bong that works really well
  5. yeah, seems to be a BC company. poor english people must not get these papers... poor bastards.
  6. yea i was thinking its from BC.

    i know ive been In Puff pipes before.

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