?? Puff or Sex ??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tammy Puff, May 28, 2002.


Puff or Sex ??

  1. Puff

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  2. Sex

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  3. Neither

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  4. Neither if you HAD to choose

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  1. Alright Everyone !!

    Its Tammy here.
    I was just wondering whether you would choose puff over sex. I mean what is better, what do you prefer ?
    We could argue that with sex, strings are attached, but with puff, it seems there are none. But then maybe you want those strings....its a very good question to ask.
    Give me a reply and I\'ll reply back, but in the mean time :
    Get stoned as much as you can, and I aint chattin\' bout buying no eighths, I\'m chattin\' ounces !!!!!!!!

    Loadsa Love and Kisses,
  2. can\'t I have both? if I had to choose i\'d pick sex because i dont think there\'s anything more beautiful than a pretty woman not even a big green sticky bud
  3. CheebaLaGanja took the words outta my mouth....Deja-Post!! :D
  4. I don\'t see myself ever having to choose but if I did, I would choose sex. Although I enjoy getting high, I enjoy sex even more. I have been doing both for 15 years but sex is kind of more important to me. But like I said, I don\'t see myself ever having to choose.

    And if I did have to, I would revolt and have both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. if not both then of course sex, hot passionate sex not the quicky \"I\'m late for work\" type though (in that case I\'d much rather have a bowl :D)
  6. depends on how I feel.. I mean sometimes I REALLY need some ass.. and well sometimes I don\'t really care. Im always up for a smoke though.. and well there\'s nothing better in the world then busting nut in puss when ur high (its like heaven). Its hard as shit to hold it back though ;-)
  7. RMJL I agree with ya babes. There is always a fish waiting to be caught in the sea. Never had to choose and will not let it go so far as to have to choose!
  8. i cant get chicks cuz im a big stoner and im kinda quiet.... but fuck it, id take an OZ of kb over a chick anyways... lasts longer
  9. MAAANNNN!!!! sex everytime, you can smoke any time of the day but unless your a pretty boy which lets face it we all arent you dont have the chance to fuck every 30minutes...im usually high throughout the whole day so a hr break to fuck is nothing.....ive been at parties were friends are just bout to start up a session and im with a girl and ive gone into the other room instead of smoke, it can be hard sometimes especially if your a kid or a teenager and have no money but i look at it like this, you have WAAAYYYYY more chances to smoke then you do fuck.
  10. well i know when i\'m high i CANNOT hit on chicks (i start talking stupid shit) so do you have any advice for us zonedude? :D
  11. Well, being a girl and all, I felt the need to comment on Zonedudes advice.

    He is sooooooo right!!!! The guys who don\'t hit on you are more appealing than the ones that do. At least, that\'s true for me. There\'s a mystery to a guy who just kicks back and let\'s everything happen around him.

    If being high makes you shy then you need to just bust out of that shell, that might be there because of a slight degree of paranoia, and be more comfortable with your high.

    ...and Zonedude is one hell of a likable guy!!!
  12. I don\'t know any girls that like to be hit on. That leaves bruises.

    Be kind and unwind!
  13. if u chose weed your a dumbass. u gotta WORK for sex man, weed is as easy to get as icecream in my town (mad expensive tho. 60 for 1/8!!)
  14. Relax zone. It wasn\'t me. Although you may be a dumbass, it\'s not up to me. I \'m not the one to make that call.

  15. LOL Critter. I feel the same way!!!

  16. the only problem i see with that is that if you never do anything then the girls that like you will think you are not interested and then nothing ever happens...i know this from experience it happens to me in class the only place i am \"shy\" since i never say a word i always get glanced by certain girls but since i never even look back at them it pretty much ends there

    but then again when i try to get \"my mack on\" i say the stupidest things and blow it so err...

    bah whatever women are too complicated for me, just pass me my bowl and im str8 :D
  17. hey wait in that other thread about sex b4 weed didn\'t you say you were a virgin?
  18. well sex is the best thing in my town a an 1/8 only cost 15 bones
  19. an 1/8 of shwag..
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