Puerto Rico, growing advice ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by EliteKaos, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. A friend of mine whom is really interested in outdoor growing but is not sure cause of puerto rico's heat will kill his plants, he plans on buying autos as well.
  2. It's not the heat that's a problem I would worry about the Humidity in the area. I get stretches of 100+ and the ladies love it.
  3. So should i tell him to go ahead?
  4. Yep. Just means more water.
  5. Nice, thanks.
  6. The heat will require the plants to be checked and watered more often, sling with thang the humidity could be an issue during flowering causing mold. I say he should go got it just check plants daily and provide lots if cool water. Also it the plant have done indirect sunlight during peak heal it help keep them cooler. The plant will do most the growing when. Temps reach 85 degrees of cooler so in his case they would grow early morning and night time.

  7. How does he avoid the mold, in puerto rico there isnt much humidity..
  8. Someone else said it was humid. You can only check the buds and remove at first signs of it. That or add outdoor fans blowing on the plants.
  9. Another question, if he grows in his roof, can a police chopper spot it and stop by his house, or is he just being paranoid?
  10. I went there a few times to play baseball and it was humid as hell. I guess it's all where you live.
  11. If they are decent size they will stick out like a sour thumb.
  12. If he decides to do a stealth grow like a pc box, do norma lightbulbs work for auto's?
  13. ^^^^u sure u aren't ur "friend"??
  14. At first it was my friend, now its me lol...
  15. lol thaz cool gd lucc n do ya thing yo

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