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  1. hello fellow stoners

    this is a white widow and master kush i started to grow back in may .my brother took over it about a month ago at the beggining of her flower .

    PS. the little one was a clone that cut just fucking around and i took off right in to flower . remember this is almost an auto grow since our latitude gives us 12/12 hours all year long.

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  2. and this a jack widow

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  3. another pic

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  4. any opinions will be will be well noted . thanks
  5. thanks man , my brother doesnt have a good mag glass but he says that it still has about 4 more weeks . i really cant see well in the pics he sent but they look pretty mature right ????

  6. what do the hairs look like 50 amber / 50 white or more like 60/40?
  7. he told me they are like 40 60 . but he is using a reading mag glass . they started to show sex in mid june
  8. more like 50/50. im ganja's brother btw.
  9. despite blurry pics, they look great. it made me want to pack a bowl.... thats what you expect out of good weed porn.
  10. oh yeah man ! when my brother sent me those pics after a month of not seen them , the first thing i did was run to smoke . there is huricaine in puerto rico right now so he had to bring them inside, and he said the smell in the room was way strong
  11. dude i havent smoke in a week i think i cant wait another day with the smell in the room. I'll see if i can get a digital cam this week and I'll upload other pics with better resolucion
  12. I want to ask you guys something. How does pure Sativa grow outdoors there? I'm wondering because I have seen plants in Jamaica that lived for years, but never really finished. they just kept vegetating. Does that happen outdoors where you are?
  13. i really dont know that much, since this are my firsts plants. but perhaps my brother can answer ur q.
  14. vaya! buenas fotos!

    I started growing here in PR this december. made some "cripi" grade regular some friend gave me from a seed he found in a bud he bought. good stuff to grow here!

    if you're growing indica, like I am right now (unknown strains from seeds that friends have given me) they've been growing for a month and automatically flowered. I'll post some pictures up soon on my grow journal.

    as for the Sativa question, I recently ordered some seeds (Maui Waui, 2 pounder, nevilles haze) just to see how they respond to the climate down here. the first plant I grew didn't even give me an ounce, but the indicas that are growing now seem to be promising :)

    I guess we'll know which strains we'll be able to grow down here in PR once I throw in that batch of seeds in the ground.

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