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Publix Warehouse Drugtest Need answer asap!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by minceydice, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. I know for the store jobs its a saliva test but im stressing so hard right now because i dont know what test the warehouse does. I have an interview in 2 days and if its a piss test im screwed. I searched for this but I couldnt find any answers..

  2. Well, how did it go? Publix warehouse is a dope job, hope you didn't fuck up that opportunity over herb.

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  3. Publix Selector 8/20/17
    Its a swab test, smoked 40 hours before because they sprung that shit on me outta nowhere. Washed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide 5 times and Listerine mouthwash 5 times and brushed my teeth max 3 times. 30 minutes before going in ate some mcdonalds(supposedly eating a fatty food finesses the test) and swished a coke around in my mouth (acidic drinks kill the thc or some shit). then 5 minutes before my test one final swish of hydrogen peroxide and I was good to go. During the actual test i had the swab in between my teeth finessing it all day. Oh btw i was chewing on Altoids the entire day apparently this helps. It was an oral eze swab test but it didnt turn blue, seems that wasnt a problem for the lady that was administering the drug test. Took 7 days for my results to come back. Im writing this for anyone who was in a similar position as me as i was stressing all week waiting for the results. Around 6' 170 pounds fast metabolism. I passed that shit.

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