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  1. No matter how long I rehearse and memorize my lines, i'll always be a bad public speaker! I just get really nervous when i'm speaking to a large crowd. I haven't tried blazing before one.. maybe that would help?
  2. I think if you blazed before you had to give a public speech it would just be harder. You might ramble and you might get a lot more paranoid. I say some dumb shit when im high...
  3. u just need to KNOW UR SHIT.
    I fount the easiest way is to have a sheet of paper in front of u in case u get lost but just know what ur going to say. dont memorize. know it. note cards are bad cause if u drop them...ur fucked.
    Also, experience is ur friend. i did skits in front of like 200+ people when i was 14-18 and once u get through 1 or 2 u just go with it and break out. u find urself so comfortable in from of people. dont focus on fucking up, focus on getting through ur shit.
    and try to train urself to not say uhh and umm and like, i hate listening to presentations that last super long just cause the presenter doesn't know wtf theyre saying.
    IMO blazing before hand would not help, but i dunno really, never done it.

    gl to ya.
  4. you can experiment and smoke give a speech and dont smoke and give a speech.
  5. I'm giving a 10 minute speech on why I think the war on drugs is a complete failure tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous, but I'm gonna smoke a few bowls before the speech. Fuck Public Speaking class lol
  6. just imagine everyone is deaf and that you're talking to a giant winged vagina

  7. What if I get a boner?
  8. Depends, is your teacher a man or a woman?
  9. rock it like you're at a japanese schoolgirl fieldtrip
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    Just be confident in yourself. Speak clearly and concisely without any doubt of your research and your position. Stand tall and breath. Dont rush it. They're there to hear you and you position. Present it well. Read it several times before hand so you know it by heart.

    To add, print your speech in a large font. Something big enough for you to glance and read. Even if its several pages.
  11. Know what your going to say. Roughly. don't look at the people, look at the wall in the back of the room.

    Public speaking gets easier the more you do it.
  12. Take some beta blockers. It's a prescription medicine you can get from a doctor. It helps calm you down and is specifically made just those times when your extremely nervous.
  13. No. Because eventually he might have to take those every single time he has to do some form of public speaking.

    Trust me, it really does get easier the more you do it.

    I did a report on Buckethead once in my high school speech class. It was easy as hell. Why?

    I enjoyed my topic, and i knew what i was going to say. This was also later in the year so we all were kinda used to public speaking.

  14. 1. Get used to speaking in front of people (regardless of the topic). Get comfortable with it.

    2. When presenting a speach or argument, talk to yourself once or twice about what you may say, pretending your in front of people when doing it. Don't try to remember "lines"---just let it flow. If you know the information and you have a stance on an issue, you should be able to do it if you can accomplish step 1. And like someone else said, just have a note paper in front of you with key points and direction if you start to slip up a bit.

  15. I wish I could rep you again because Buckethead is the man
  16. Man some people in that class never even knew of him. Put some of his tunes on and they said they were gonan listen to more when they got home.

    Was an awesome moment.
  17. I really hate speaking in front of large groups, but I have found that it's no big deal if I like what I am talking about.

    For example, back in high school I absolutely hated giving presentations to classes on shit that was assigned to me, but I found that I actually enjoyed public speaking when it was on a topic that I enjoyed, i.e. math, juggling, guns, etc.
  18. Ahhh, I have to give my speech in two hours, I'm nervous as fuck. At first I was thinking that I shouldn't smoke before it, but now I'm already high so I might as well smoke more :smoke:
  19. i took public speaking back in college, and before i took that class, i was shy like i was when i was young. I did smoke before several of my speeches, wich i did kind of average on. But i seemed to learn a lot of things when i was high in class. it taught me a different aspect of the whole thing, and it just seemed to click.
    i no longer have terrible social anxiety as bad, i can communicate a lot better with people now, like volume control
    i really enjoyed it though , itwas a good experience
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