Public Shed Dilema!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoned_idiot, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Hi thanks for taking time and reading this, i would like all you good people of this planet earth to guide me through if u can the ways in which i can turn an alotment shed into my own growroom with at least 2 females. Please it wud be a great help. Ta
  2. use your imigination
  3. Dats my problem, its quite good but i dont have a clue where to start.
  4. line it all with foil maybe?.... the only problem for u would be venting it out.... buy your self some kick ass soil some good seed like big bud... some lights get some junk from a garage sale and place it in there well i would cuz i think its a publick one right?,., people might see so u can have it behind boxez and shit.... just for cover i dunno use yer head ...
  5. get lights ofc...hps or some fluoros...good idea would be fluoros enless u wanna burn your shed down if ur not careful:)

    foil is nice, but kinda obvious if anyone walks into your shed and its covered in aluminum foil. Only problem i'd have with growing in a public shed is someone goign in there...calling the cops..and u go to jail..not fun.
  6. Is the shed well hid on your property? What you can do is run a insulated outdoor extention cord to a whole in the bottom of the shed. You would then cauck it into place to avoid pull outs if say someone would trip on it. From there I would get 2 industrial fans. I would have one cut into the top of your shed on the right side, then I would seal and cover the other side with a cover to stop bugs from getting in as well as light. I would then do the same to the left side at the bottom.

    Have the left side be intake, and the right side exhausting used air. This way you would have constant fresh air. Depending on how tall your shed is I would look into getting two 400W HPS lights. You would then run the ballast cables through the wall into an alternate light/water sealed container with air flow accecible for heat reduction to the ballast. Having the ballast outside your shed will reduce the heat capacity by a large amount. Do this for both ballasts for the 400W's.

    From there I would make a interior crossmember on the top built specifically for the 400Wer's so that they are in fixed position. Have an outake fan running out of the fans to relieve heat. This will also ensure the strength of your system so it doesn't a) fall and ruin your plants, b) break and burn down your shed and anything near it. From there I would look into taking down any side walls that may hamper space for your little precious plants. You will want to set up a temperature and humidity guage on the side of the door so you are always aware of the temperature. Also looking into a pH pen, this can make or break your grow, I learned that the hard way.

    I don't know what the size of your shed is but with two 400W lights you would be able to grow a minimum of 8 (you could obviously do less but it would be a waste of light and space) plants and a max of 16 depending on your spacing. You might also want to look into purchasing / making another shed for vegging that way you can have a perpetual harvest.

    This isn't a fool proof plan for you, it's just what I would do if I had a free budget. Don't forget to line the walls of your shed with maylar, almost forgot to add that.
  7. Na it will be my shed but on a public place like an alotment but noone will get in

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