Public Schools Should Stop Teaching Foreign Language..

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  1. It seems like foreign language isnt taken seriously when taught in the U.S.. people in foreign countries are more bilingual then americans.. How many people have taken highschool spanish or french and dont know how to speak it..

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    My instructor told us his granddaughter's school (like 3rd grade) teaches bilingually, switching languages daily. Sounds like a good idea!Sent from my SGH-M919 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. We had to take French from grade 1-9.  I don't got a clue how to write or speak it.  Got a 87% in my final year. lol
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    That's the wrong way to go about fixing the problem. 
    Better bilingual teachers need to be hired so that they can better communicate. You have to have a teacher still, that is willing and happy to be there and to teach. If they don't want to teach they are going to pass by with as little as possible, just as you would in class if you didn't give a fuck. Public school  systems are always flawed. It's the way it goes. Some are improved upon others but the more cash you dish out for an educate for your child the the more doors will be open to them early on.  It's up to them on whether they use them. 

    Teaching foreign languages in public schools is anything but a bad idea. It promotes unity by breaking down the language barrier. Fuck if the human race don't need a bit more unity,  it's cold out here man.  damn. 
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  5. I know enough Spanish to get by. not from school at all.
    As far as teachers go they are incredible, putting up with a pack of spoiled brats and dumb bastards does not sound easy to me.
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  6. They start spanish in 1st grade here
  7. Schools should concentrate on our native language -- English.
    Kids can graduate from high school, and be functionally illiterate in their own language.
    That's pretty sad.
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  8. from the the streets yo
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  9. I took 2 years of spanish. I know that tu madre es muy mojado means "your mom is very wet"
    Don't remember much more
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  10. This is America!

    Really though.. why do we have to do that bullshit? I only failed one class ever and that was Spanish. (And French kinda, got caught taking upskirt pics of the teacher, by the teacher... no shit.)
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  11. well in the u.s teachers arent really respected. and its bs that the school expects them to DISCIPLINE AND teach. and students seem to think its cool to hate the teacher. Highschool especially. people are so desperate to be socially accepted.
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  12. Thank you. 
  13. I really enjoyed taking german in middle and high school, so I can't support the idea that foreign languages should stop being taught. I remember my friends and I noticed that we also learned a lot about english (e.g. the subjunctive) in german class that we hadn't ever learned in english class. Ha, go figure.

    Plus, the number of non-english speakers in the US is growing everyday, spanish in particular is more and more useful, etc.

    As for what should not be taught: I'm a big fan of replacing cursive writing classes with keyboarding/typing classes.
  14. I took German all 4 years of highschool because I was told it would help me get into college.  :wacko:
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    Most language teachers suck. I took Latin in HS and my teacher was an old lady with an attitude. It was a shame too since I wanted to continue taking it but she was the only Latin teacher that taught at our school.
    And my Spanish 4 teacher was an extreme asshole. I had him after my brother did and I'm guessing he thought I wasn't good enough like my brother so he always corrected me every time I made a mistake. I wouldn't call them mistakes though since there's always different meaning on words and way to pronounce them depending on the region of the country. I knew more than most students but I always ended up behind them when it came to grades. Asshole corrected me the most on pronunciation/word usage compared to people that weren't even native Spanish speakers.

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