Public Pool Sex

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  1. So around mid day earlier today, me and my girlfriend decided to go for a little swim at the public pool. We get there and for the first time the entire summer, it was empty. After swimming around for a bit, I start to get a little handsy and before you know it I had my dick inside of her pounding away while floating around in the pool. Was interesting, didn't feel quite as good as doing it outside of water but it did still get me off(probably more to do with the fact that we were outside and some people could even see from there houses if they wanted too..).

    Anyone else fuck around inside of a pool before?
  2. no I heard that's really dangerous for the chick
  3. Why's that?

    Edit: something to do with the chlorine I assume?

  4. Hahah that's some funny shit, but yeah op I fucked in a pool before and I know what you mean it ain't is good but it was necessary for me the girls pussy was too tight and I couldnt get all my dick in outside water so it's nice to use in that scenario
  5. no something about water in their pussy is supposed to be dangerous
  6. I've gotten down in a pool several times.

    it's aiiight. :confused_2:
  7. Haha,Nah, I was going to say something about piss in the pool and Dookie particles floating in there among other things........xD
  8. Did the lifeguard watch, or join in?
  9. cool even more reason public pools are gross

    got your jizz all floatin around and shit
  10. [quote name='"Pickle McSmurf"']no something about water in their pussy is supposed to be dangerous[/quote]

    Something to do with air bubbles entering their blood stream
  11. funny i fucked in the middle of a lake on monday! pretty weird with people around but i guess thats what made it a little more exciting. whats even weirder is sploodging under water i was outta there tryin not to get my nut stuck to me!
  12. I've done it, but it's the same as in the shower. It's fun for the novelty but doesn't feel that good, makes her pussy feel rubbery/lubeless.
  13. [quote name='"Omega369"']

    Something to do with air bubbles entering their blood stream[/quote]

    You mean water?
  14. [quote name='"Brad167"']

    You mean water?[/quote]

    The water pushes the air that's in there up into the bloodstream

    Like when you put your head under water and the air bubble comes out of your ear, except with a vagina
  15. It is bad for the girl....

    ESPECIALLY in a public pool. :eek:
  16. Uh that's pretty gross, people swim in that shit
  17. Also, getting water rammed into your cervix doesn't sound very safe
  18. No lifeguard, though I'm pretty sure the security cameras got everything on tape. Expect to see a porno of me and my girl floating around on the web here some time soon

    Hahahahaha you should have seen how my girlfriend bolted away from that shit as soon as it came out. On dry land she'll stick it in her mouth no problem and even play with it, in water, its like the fucking plague.

    Yes, rubbery pussy was not that great.
  19. My girl said the chlorine just pretty much eats up all the natural lube. Kinda like in the shower just worse. I'm not sure if it's actually dangerous just probably not very comfortable.

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