Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Prop 19 up 9 points, 47-38. Survey USA has us up 5 pt

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  1. There is great excitement throughout the state of California over Prop 19 and a very large number of under age 45 voters are expected to turn out for the November election. Current polls are showing that the majority of voters are planning on voting for the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use.

    "Proposition 19, which would make California the first state in the nation to legalize the growth, sale and recreational use of pot, leads 47-42 percent in a SurveyUSA poll and 47-38 in a Public Policy Polling poll. Both polls had a high number of undecided voters: 11 percent in the SurveyUSA poll and 14 percent in the PPP poll." (Baptist Press)

    There are a great number of people who advocate marijuana and the legalization however they oppose the proposition. There are many reasons for some people to be against but for the majority of California, it looks like a great idea to pass it.

    "If Prop 19 passes, individuals would be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow their own pot in a lot no bigger than 5-by-5 feet. Local governments would be allowed to regulate and tax it, and stores would be able to sell it. Prop 19 opponents warn its passage would lead to more marijuana users -- especially among teens -- along with more crime and more drugged drivers." (Baptist Press)

    United we stand pot smokers of the land, The national number are also tipping in favor of legalization, we have some exiting years ahead of us.
  2. It's not enough though. People aren't even bothering to become educated on the text of the prop. They're just reading stupid blogs and letting other people make their decisions for them. anti-19 people are so aggresive because they have something to lose if 19 is passed. meanwhile pro-19 people are so complacent and just assume that everyone is going vote yes. It's going to be close and that's a shame.
  3. The sad truth is that you are absolutely right, however, the young vote is coming out, showing up, and tipping the scales. We will win. We must. It is your destiny LUKE!
  4. It'd be so cool if california regulates marijuana,
    I know SO MANY people have said this but I can't resist...
  5. There are two real problems with the campaign right now. The first is that so many people have no idea this is happening. I have no idea how anyone doesn't know by now but I guess some people just live disconnected from the outside world. The campaign doesn't have enough money to put any decent amount of adds on tv so this contributes to the problem. If any of you haven't donated yet, do it unless you are in dire financial circumstances. I am a poor college kid and I've given them $10. If everyone on grasscity alone did that, the campaign would have 20 times the money it does now.

    The second problem is that some people just don't care enough to vote. These are people that have good connects and have never been arrested. The thing is, the price will go down substantially if this passes. This will make the price drop in all 50 states, Canada, and possibly world wide. It will help everyone except for growers, distributers, and dealers. But hell, if you do one of those things now, that means you could take your business out of the black market and expand it, all while losing the risk. This bill helps nearly everyone so make sure everyone you know in California comes out and votes yes!

    We are up 11 points now!!

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