public notice: akgreenvalley is done!

Discussion in 'General' started by AKgreenvalley, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. wife finally got her way, no more ganja smoking or growing for this one. blah.

    peace out guys! thanks for all the past help!

  2. do it anyways #yolo
  3. shit, that sucks.
  4. lol will if i can man, never know i suppose. she's not saying DON'T do it, she's got me taking a high paying northslope offer finally. means no time for jack and they'll do random ua
  5. so that's it? you're done?
    i haven't smoked in about 6 months and i still hang around at the city..
    it's still a cool place whether you smoke or not..
  6. not done on the forum, no. just having to give the old lungs and greenthumb a break
  7. I've heard that wives get jealous of mary jane because it's a female plant, stirring up competition for the dude in question.
  8. Anticirlce you may be right but OP that's you choice and as long as your ok with you'll be fine I love the plant and believe i'll never stop inhaling some of that goodness.

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