Public Intoxication

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  1. Sort of confused on this topic. So, in public, if you look intoxicated but at the same time are totally coherent, and a cop pulls up to you and asks, "Hey, where are you heading" or "Hey, have you been drinking", do they have the right to arrest/test you even though you can reply cogently? What would happen? What's the worst case scenario? Has this happened to any of you guys?
  2. If you look intoxicated but are totally coherent something is wrong ahaha

  3. Is this only referring to alcohol? I think you're fine as long as you don't act like a total jackass.

    Now if you're driving drunk that's a different story. Prepare to be breathalyzed.
  4. That's a relief.

    I'm not normally high in public but I've been told that I tend to look intoxicated. Even sober my eyes get really red, don't know why but they just do. I could definitely see a cop questioning me when I'm totally sober.
  5. Wait so are you talking about being drunk in public or being high? I think both kinda play out the same. Don't act like a jackass and you won't get in trouble. Even if you're eyes are really red, just tell them you have allergies ;)

    A good cover-up would be pollen, but if the person is giving you a hard time tell them you're allergic to their bullshit (and only say that if they're not a cop. Cops won't take that kindly and will arrest your ass)
  6. Unless you are acting like a complete asshole. You should be fine. Just give them a slight grin, and be on your way.
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