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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bryandamage, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. So I am workingout at my cities medical center doing my normal workout right...! Usually I run 1 mile stop at a pull up station, then a abdominal station, then a pushup bar and then I sit and rest for 5 min and do 3 more miles (sets). Well on my last set, an hour later, I was sitting down on the push up bar and not realizing that my white nike running shorts were completely soaked!!!! Ironically enough, I hate running shorts that come with built in underwear aka net underwear, aka package in place keepers lol. So I cut them out!! Keep In mind, im a modest, humble guy, but I do have a sizeable (lengthy)"magicstick" ;) So im running and im used to it flopping around, but im also used to having on compression shorts under my running shorts!!! The moral here is........if u are over 6 inches SOFT, dont wear white shorts without compression shorts under! :)
  2. Someones trying to show off.
  3. Thanks for making me feel like less of a man...
  4. Lol its not that!! Haha I just needed to let it out! Lol.....the story that is!
  5. hahaha, so you're telling us that you wore white shorts and cut out the underwear, then were surprised later when you were sweaty and flopping around?
    The only other bit of info in there is about your dick. I can't help but think 6 inches soft = like 10in in bed. I think the ladies might have a little bit of a problem with that hahah
  6. now you know why that hairy fat guy was winking at you on lap #2
  7. So you came on a predominately male forum to talk about how your dick flops around in shorts. OP is homo. The gay kind.
  8. I hope a homeless mistakes it for a brat. Showoff

  9. Homosexuality isn't a bad thing. Don't use it as an insult.
  10. Lol my balls are 6 inches soft
  11. hahaha
  12. OP is swoll as fuck and wants us all to know.
  13. Op, put this on facebook. I dare ya..
  14. You know what - I had scissors in hand to cut out the package holder from my shorts before I go for my run with my six inch flaccid. Thanks bro, you saved me a lot of flappin' :rolleyes:
  15. My vagina is drenched atm
  16. props to you OP....

    what else is there to say?
  17. And now my imagination is scarred
  18. I dont think he was bashing, it seems gay to tell dudes that. It happens to most of us who are show-ers, but I mean literally until now I have NEVER discussed it, not even with women. Comes off as gay OP when its mostly a dude type site. Go post it on a gay sex forum, kidding. But really if you want to attract women or gay men, it shouldn't be difficult. Why come on here and say something? Its almost like OP is lying, which would be a shocker. Anyhow since we are on the topic, I try to hide mine from showing. I have had plenty of women stare directly at it while wearing clothes. Gets uncomfortable after a while, I mean its flattering but its sorta like when you stare at a woman's chest for too long, comes off as somewhat rude. And you begin to feel more object than human in the eyes of others.

  19. A man bragging about his penis doesn't make him gay, it just means he has a small dick:p

    In all seriousness, it doesn't make you gay to say you're 6 in soft on a predominantly male forum, it just means that you want to talk about YOUR dick on a predominantly male forum. Now if he had asked how big are y'all's dicks... Well I'd have to agree he probably is one of them queerosexuals.

  20. I dont see how its an insult, what OP said to mostly dudes was pretty gay. Why would you assume Im using it as an insult?

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