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  1. Sup blades,

    So i have recently gotten into pickup. For those who do not know what pickup is, educate yourself!!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qED7qok8rKQ&feature=relmfu]Barney Stinson Pick Up Lines: Get Her Number! - YouTube[/ame]

    ^^They have advice videos and a whole bunch of vids of them just picking up girls. These guys are what got me interested in pickup. I saw their videos and I was like "damn, I wish I could do that". So, instead of just sitting around with my dick in my hand wishing, I went out and started talking to girls.

    Note that I am a very introverted person, shy and sometimes awkward. I've only gone out to try and pick up girls a few times, but already I can feel a rise in confidence. I enjoy talking to people more, and other people seem to enjoy talking to me more too.

    I haven't gotten any numbers yet, but I've had conversations with a few really cute girls. For me, thats a pretty big deal :p

    Any guys that are reading this and haven't tried pickup yet, do it!! There's no harm in going up to a random girl and telling her she's cute. You make the girl feel good about herself, and what's the worst that can happen? You get rejected and then walk away, never to see her again. As you're reading this, you're probably making excuses as to why you're not gunna go out and try it. Think about the excuses you're making, there's no reason why you can't go out and talk to girls!!! Join me on my journey to meet cute girls :D

    Any experienced pua's in the city? I'd love to hear some tips and stories, and favourite openers and shit like that :smoke:
  2. im one step ahead of you bro :smoke:

    been busy for the past 6 months working out, so if a girl and i dont click personality wise maybe she will just want to bang me for my body... im down for that :D:D:D

    its all a mindset, just gotta believe in yourself. it does sound silly but the shit works, tell yourself positive things and dont listen to the negative thoughts. youll be talking to all kinds of girls in no time, dont sweat getting rejected either its her loss and she doesnt know it :cool:
  3. Right on... I was really into it it's what got me the motivation years ago eventually leading up to a girlfriend... but now I'm fucking stuck in a rut and back at square one, been browsing another forum and reading up on stuff haven't been out in a while but slowly getting excited again!

  4. Just get out there and approach, its faster :smoke:
  5. Before people say "you guys degrade woman"

    That's what beta males say. Girls enjoy sex too

  6. Exactly. They wanna meet new guys too.

    Just curious, how often do you guys get a number close?
  7. [quote name='"jnerps"']

    Exactly. They wanna meet new guys too.

    Just curious, how often do you guys get a number close?[/quote]

    When I used to go out and practice, maybe once or twice a day in malls, grocery stores, high traffic areas

    Bars and clubs usually it's a fuck close or makeout at minimum

    I don't like meeting girls at clubs or bars, I'm looking for a lifelong partner and they always seem too immature. It's not only just sex I'm looking for.

    Now I work too much and try not to shit where I eat. (though it happens) I find nurses cause too much drama and gossip goes around really fast. Maybe now it's about once every two weeks but I have two friends with benefits so getting laid isn't an issue
  8. Man, I've tried pickup a couple of times. Sometimes it's successful and other time I end up in the friend zone. lol. As for openers, the Barney Stinson video is a horrible approach (and it's supposed to be). In their other videos (the ones that you're supposed to pay for) they use what I think is the perfect day game opener. I used to use the Mystery method openers, but they've become way too overused and are kind of lamer than a more straightforward approach. Plus it is impossible to get friend-zoned with a straightforward opener.

    Day Game:
    You: Hey, so I saw you and thought you were pretty cute (pretty cute doesn't boost her ego too much or compliment her too much). I told myself I had to come over here and talk to you. *Put out hand for handshake* I'm ________.
    Her: *laughs* My name is _______
    You: So, ______, *pause and look into her eyes* you're a _______ (guess any random job (more interesting than asking, "what do you do")
    Her: *laughs* no I'm blahblah. What do you do?
    You: Really attractive women usually.
    *Continue qualifying her and conversing (don't be afraid to make fun of her in a flirty way)*
    You: Well look ______, I'm actually here meeting a friend/I have to get back to my friends. I got to go. But you seem really cool. At first I didn't really care about you, I'm not gonna lie. But you seem like a really chill person and not just a pretty girl. What's your number? (It's important not to ask for it but demand it)
    *She gives it to you*
    You: Alright, *grab her hands and swing them* I'm gonna hit you up okay, *she says "okay* and we'll hang out. It'll be fucking Shakespearian. I'll use Iambic Pantameters and shit, it'll be epic. *put her arms around you and give her a hug, depending on her body language judge if you can kiss*
    You: See ya.

    Night Game: (Much faster and more sexual)
    *Grab a random girl by her hand. You might have to get her attention in the club by shouting "hey." Then stare in her eyes and pull her closer to you*
    You: What the fuck is your name/who are you?
    Her: *she will blabber on*
    You: I think you're pretty cute. That's why I stopped you.
    Her: What's your name?
    *You can either go ahead and talk to her normally or bullshit her and simply comback with a bullshit witty response. The point of bullshitting her is it conveys high social value, as you aren't dying to meet her and are confident enough to know she will stay even if you say "just call me Mr. Awesome." This is the path to making out then getting her number after, while answering her questions and conversing normally is the path to getting her number and then maybe making out. Either way, night game should usually end in kissing, as it is a high intensity environment*
  9. Ive been into this shit lately, ive never had any problems picking up girls in social groups, but random girls is just much more...exciting.
  10. PUA is crap.

    Try reading The Principles that Govern Social Interaction.

    Here's some videos on the book.



  11. Man fuck all that nonsense.

    Just continually work on improving yourself, and you won't have a reason not to be confident.
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    What I find hilarious is that everything he said is explained in the Mystery Method. Pick Up Artists are a vague group. Some are bullshit, and others are good (really good). Overall, I think the community is great. But everything that these videos addressed have been addressed in the Pick Up Artist community. Mystery delves into a lot of psychology behind social interaction. His entire method is based on a reward system. The guy who made the video (and the ebook) isn't touching on anything new or refreshing. He's spewing out the same shit with a different title and self proclaimed originality.

  13. I find that for daygame, if you just open with "hey, i thought you were cute, and i had to come say hi" or something along those lines, theres a chance the girl just gets kinda creeped out. From my limited experience I've found that starting with "hey, wheres a good coffee shop around here" and then cutting to the "youre cute" part lowers their bitch shield right off the bat.
  14. Well, I'd agree with you somewhat. It definitely matters how you say it. The good thing about using it, is it shows your intention immediately, so the girl doesn't try to friend zone you (or isn't creeped out when you grab her hands or something else couples would do). It is risky though, because it puts the chips in her hand. But if you say it in a way that sustains your value (fully confident), it is a great one. A lot of times she'll think you're a player and do this to girls a lot, which raises your value. Also, it keeps her attention immediately gets her asking you qualifying questions. It almost makes it a mini date. It allows you to throw a lot of the routines out, and therefore makes speaking to her easier and more natural.

    I prefer it because I'm lazy, and using an indirect opener and leading into attraction requires a lot more work. I'd say if you're more attractive and know girls like the way you look, go for the short cut.

    The PUA's at Simple Pickup use this line for every girl, and it really gets the girl thinking about the relationship. You just have to say it with complete confidence and assurance that she's going to dig you.

  15. Enjoy your leather pants and big fuzzy hats.

  16. I actually don't wear any of that. Mystery has a strange sense of style because he's a magician and rocker, but his method applies for any style. He just says wear something for girls to point out. Plus, peacocking is very minor part of his method.

    Like I said, the ebook merely takes one facet of his method and claims it is superior. Heh, enjoy your watered down ebook.
  17. [quote name='"rollinjoints"']

    I actually don't wear any of that. Mystery has a strange sense of style because he's a magician and rocker, but his method applies for any style. He just says wear something for girls to point out. Plus, peacocking is very minor part of his method.

    Like I said, the ebook merely takes one facet of his method and claims it is superior. Heh, enjoy your watered down ebook.[/quote]

    I peacock to an extent

    I wear something that has meaning. I wear hemp bracelets and a native thing my dead native friend made me
  18. ive been told im good looking, so i consider myself goodlooking even tho that is subjective. Also i got an accent, bitches love accents, so i go with the direct approach, with humour and cockyness, the worst thing that can happen is being politely rejected (unless you decided to hit on a weird one).
    just go out there and do ya thing, we all have something girls dig, just find it and expose it, make them want you more than you want them (or atleast think they do).

  19. What accent?

  20. im a south american that learned english in america and currently living in england.

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