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PTSD with MMJ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FoxMulder, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Would this help for someone suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? I have read some of the links on grannys list but im wondering if someone has personal experience in dealing with this disorder?
  2. After two years in Northern Iraq, going through a nasty mass-cas in 2004, getting blowed up in 2005 (IED)...

    ...I'll just say that there isn't a substance on Earth (that I've tried...) that works better.
  3. So it helps with the symptoms and helps you resolve the problems that cause them?
  4. I do not suffer with ptsd, but cannabis can help with the nightmares and night terrors if you are getting those. I do suffer with anxiety and depression and it helps me with those. Arm yourself with information about the plant and then proceed with caution. When I started using the herb, I asked the two people closest to me to watch and observe me. I wanted to make sure it was helping and not making me into something I didn't want to be. They have both told me that they only see positive changes in me which is great.

    I do think that having that outside observer can be helpful in making sure that the herb is having it's intended effect but ultimately, you should be able to determine if it helps your symptoms. It certainly isn't going to make you completely forget the events that lead to your ptsd, but it can help you have better insight and to accept what has happened and move forward with your life. It is only a help though, I would still recommend that you get some kind of counseling if at all possible.
  5. I have PTSD from a nasty heroin addiction i used to have and marijuana has helped more than any pharmaceutical I have ever been prescribed. However pot is limited on how much it can help.

    I had a friend OD on morphine at 16 years old, she was her mothers last living child. Pot helps but honestly i have almost blown my brains out thinking about how i had warned her to only take 60mg to 120mg the night before (she took 240mg). Heard the next day that she was found on her front lawn face down... I Had to really talk and think about it for years before i was able to handle that one :'(

    Get counseling and if you ever feel like cracking mentally SMOKE!!! hahaha
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    Paleolithic diet

    food we evolved to eat fixed my depression and anxiety. i used to sleep alot, no i rarely sleep more than 5 or 6. i have heard that ayahuasca does wonders for those suffering from pdsd, its a nautral maoi--like old anti depressent and mdma... Dimethyltryptamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    DMT is ubiquitously found in plants
    edit:after starting the paleolithic mary got way smoother

    ayahuasca is the same, but way more so
    science says one dose of psychedelics can make you a nicer person for life. dmt is the most basic and powerful psychedelic found in nature

    can't believe foxmulder, op, has never tried pot.. x-files joke
  7. Run a search for "Dr. Phil Leveque PTSD"

    Dr. Leveque suffers from PTSD from WWII and is a retired medical doctor. He writes frequently about his experiences with cannabis and PTSD for the Salem-News (a VERY pro-cannabis paper). Being both a doctor and a sufferer of PTSD, he has a rather unique perspective!


  8. Yes and yes. I, personally (i.e. purely anecdotal), believe that cannabis is MUCH more complex (in purpose and function) than pharmaceuticals when relating to "treating" a "medical condition" (of which PTSD IS). What I mean by that; it would be a gross over-generalization to simply say that, "cannabis will help your PTSD." What I can speak to categorically is how it has aided me.

    My symptoms included: anxiety (in open spaces, loud noises, sometimes no discernible reason), crazy emotions (crying to raging), memory dreams, fits of rage, and body racking physical stress (unproportionate to my life/job).

    I've had to experiment with different methods/strains/etc. I've found that I respond best to a few hard vape hits of a sativa or sat dom hybrid in the AM followed by a hash-oil cap around lunch (made from hash extracted from a sativa and two oz of CBD rich lightly vaped material - good balance). This usually keeps me medicated (and extremely focused) through the rest of my work day. I usually hit my MFLB on the way home and then enjoy a nice relaxing session of vapor bonging (usually a nice kush...) with my lovely wife before we relax for the evening.

    Beats the hell out of when we were both pharma zombies!!! ...but that's prolly for another post!

    Peace to you!
  9. It's kind of amazing that most all diseases and afflictions can be treated by one plant yet we as a society, dont think about it.

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