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Stress Ptsd treatment aside from marijuana...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by trickroller, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. What is your Ptsd treatment aside from marijuana...or is marijuana sufficient for your ptsd???

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  2. Well I am pretty much dependent on some unmentionable pharmaceuticals at this point. Every time I discontinue them I get extreme anxiety.

    Weed actually exacerbates my anxiety. I can only use it while on the unmentionables.
  3. @Green Plant
    Depending on the processing steps and strain used you should be able to eliminate that part of the cannabis high.
    Cannabis oil with additional freeze, heat stages turns from a brain scrambler high to a great sledgehammer of a sleep aid.
    No anxiety because you won't be able to keep your eyes open. Hard to be anxious when your passed out cold.
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    Kats thread is the master work on the subject.
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    Wow. Ok. I guess if you have anxiety under normal circumstances pot COULD possibly increase anxiety depending on your situation. I get calmer with pot. But I found that (when the ptsd was not known yet or diagnosed) when I had stopped smoking pot I was fine...I remember when asked to smoke again I used to be like...nah I’m good. Money, time, police...I’m cool. But one day I had a dream that I should give in and smoke weed at least once more to compare since it was long after. I tried it again and was amazed at how suddenly relaxed I became. I weighed out the pros and cons and made the sacrifice to partake in the plant again. I may be different but the kinda stress and stuff that was going on with me weed also had a very positive effect on me. I don’t believe in no crutch but that plant is blessed. It used to be very widespread a long time ago growing in just about everywhere...

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  5. Yes, I have forms of both generalized and social anxiety. Smoking weed while not on the unmentionables makes me even more anxious to the point that my heart rate skyrockets and I am extremely paranoid. I can almost describe it as "amplifying" my anxiety i.e, my mood.
  6. A good friend helps I have a buddy who was in Afghanistan for 6 tours when he came back he had pstd really bad almost lost his wife and kids because of it. Now every time he has an episode he calls me and we talk about the stuff that's bothering him after a few hours he's calmed down enough to continue. I also give him weed all the time free of charge that seems to work really good.
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  7. Yes. The panic cycle is often times perpetuated by ones own thoughts. Having someone to calm those thoughts down is very helpful.
    Free weed? Want to be friends? lol
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