Psychotic american soldier murders 16 civilians in their sleep.

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  1. American soldier has a 'breakdown' and shoots nine children dead in their sleep in house-to-house shooting rampage in Afghanistan that killed 16 civilians.

    U.S. soldier allegedly went into three homes early this morning and shot dead
    16 people after 'suffering mental breakdown'

    Nine children and three women among those reported dead

    Relative said he 'poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them'

    Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemned shootings as 'assassination'

    President Obama called attack 'tragic' and 'shocking'

    Attack could deepen strife and comes weeks after outrage over Koran burning at NATO base left at least 30 dead

    Afghan Taliban said in email they are likely to retaliate

    US soldier shoots dead 16 Afghan civilians in house-to-house shooting spree after suffering mental breakdown | Mail Online

    There is a reason why so many people (americans included) despise the american war machine and the government that runs it. Their imperialistic policies is what is bringing them down and making them lose prestige and respect around the world.

    You guys used to be kind of good (a little), today, you have lost the way.
  2. Yeah expect even more of this.

    Tip of the iceberg.

    Imagine these psychopaths eventually having children, running for office...
  3. Wait, too late.

    They already hold elections. Were screwed.
  4. I think this speaks more to the lax standards for enrollment in the Armed Forces. Obviously, this man has some sort of mental deficiency and that should have been caught in a screening. I know a fair amount of people who are in this country's military, and then would never do something like this. The United States Armed Forces are willing to take anyone at this point, even mentally unstable people such as this one.
  5. Ptsd ain't no joke
  6. Theres psychopaths in every country, always have been, the media/popular culture sensationalized it making them well known :laughing:

    The military does need to step up their psych regs. Imo there should be psychologists in every combat unit to pick out the ones that are losing it.

  7. I agree with you on this, I have ADD and to get into the marines there was so much bureaucratic red tape I had/have to go through, yet these psycho motherfuckers get in no problem...
  8. Yeah..ptsd isnt a joke at all.. unless you have been to war i dont think its right to judge this soldier. Sure, its fucked up and he should be punished.. but you really think HE did this? The guys in war, shit happens, your mind gets fucked up. You do things you don't even realize you are doing. Condolences to the afghans, and the soldier and his family.

  9. hahaha your gonna take some flak for this :p

    i agree though, depending on the exact circumstances..
  10. [quote name='"pheelgood"']Yeah..ptsd isnt a joke at all.. unless you have been to war i dont think its right to judge this soldier. Sure, its fucked up and he should be punished.. but you really think HE did this? The guys in war, shit happens, your mind gets fucked up. You do things you don't even realize you are doing. Condolences to the afghans, and the soldier and his family.[/quote]

    I agree with you actually. Very sad situation for both sides... my thoughts are definitely with this guys family and kids, as well as the families of all those killed... very sad
  11. So wait this one soldier goes crazy so suddenly they're all psychotic maniacs? I mean I'm all for getting troops out of the Middle East but don't condemn the whole U.S. military for the actions of one man.
  12. How different is he compared to the war profiteering tyrants who sent him there in the first place?

    He just pulled the trigger.

  13. Right, because the American military is the guardian of peace anyways :laughing:

    Doesn't matter if you are the biggest, strongest, richest, etc country on earth, that doesn't give you the right to invade and bully other countries at will and for no valid reason at all. As leader of the "free world", the U.S. should strive to keep world peace and lead by example. If you go around making war, who is going to listen to you when you call foul? Remember how much the U.S. complained about Russia invading Georgia a couple of years ago? That's hypocrisy. You cannot pretend to have values and morals that you don't. If you want respect, you need to show your peers some, and the U.S., doesn't. minirant/:wave:
  14. Holy fuck im retarded LOL
  15. Its sad how only a very very few cases like this make it to the news. Its nothing new. What about when US Soldiers were caught dressing up as Iraqi civilians, shooting citizens on the street out of a car, just to stir up a civil war? FUcked up. War is never right.

    Obama finds it "Shocking" then fucking stop sending people to war. Last time i checked, its not normal for a human being to be mentally re-programmed and sent off to a distant land to blow up other human beings.
  16. [quote name='"KB Grower"']Holy fuck im retarded LOL[/quote]

    No dude that's why I clicked on it too lmao
  17. It was probably the CIA trying to spark some trouble.
  18. There can be many implications behind the action of this American soldier, in my opinion he's a Jared Loughner type individual that made it into the army. Regardless we shouldn't be shunning the heroes that have done amazing things supporting our country so that we can do what where doing now speaking what we want to speak
  19. The U.S complained about WHY Russia invaded Georgia, not just about them invading so your hypocrisy theory is just bullshit. And why do people have this need to refer to a country as one person. It's a country made of 50 states of people all with different ideals and views. Get it correct.

    I love the way everyone is a critic of the way a government is run but never have any experience in running one. Everyone's a sideline quarterback with the best arm in the league.

    Everyone is so sure of the war being wrong and yadda yadda yadda. America has no right.... blahzay, blahzay, blahzay. When does anyone have a right? And who makes the decision to determine when it's correct. And it's funny that most of the spectators have absolutely no idea of anything that goes on behind the scenes, just focused on pointing out what's wrong with the system.

    When asked How should we end the war on Terrorism? it's hilarious that the first thing that people love to say is that we need to withdraw from the Middle East. Does anyone know the direct effects of this happening?

    Everyone nowadays are experts at international relations and politics right?

  20. Well, I do study Law, History, political science, IR, geopolitics, etc, but because of globalization, many informed people should be anyways.


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