Psychosis When High???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kitsune_, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Not quite sure as to whether or not I used that term correctly, but does anyone ever feel like they're going crazy when they smoke some really good weed? I notice it happens more with some kinds of weed than with others (As far as my experience is concerned it's all with different kinds of regos...) but it's really weird. My thoughts go and go and go and I can't control what they're about and some really weird shit starts going in my minds eye. Idk, is it just me???
  2. i know what you mean------ but even after the most insane highs- a couple hours later I am fine
  3. Oh yeah it's just while you're high. I think it comes with 'mastering the art of chill' and just learning to go with it, lol. I've realized a lot of cool things because of that though. It's a lot like free associating in a way.
  4. ive smoked like that once

    id rather enjoy my high than feel liek im going crazy so i smoke differently

  5. This is what I am always shooting for :cool:

    Just go with it!
  6. It happens to me occasionally. My mind tends to completely fuck out and start chasing these arb thoughts in many directions , my mind gets into the complications and details of everything. As if every thought i have only ramifies itself into many other thoughts / problems / questions. Only happens when I'm alone and pondering deep philosophical thought though. I'm usually pretty chill and social when around mates.
  7. i think you just get really high. Smoke more and youll learn to chill with it. It all takes some gettin used to.
  8. Sounds like you have decent bud.
  9. It happens to me every time I smoke pretty much..

    That's why I forget what I was going to say or what my thought was, because millions of thoughts just keep on flowing through my mind and I try to pay attention to them all.
  10. Used to happen alot when i first started smoking. I used to love that feeling haha. Too bad my tolerance is starting to raise significantly :(
  11. Sweet. That's what I like about weed... It's taught me how to control my thoughts and emotions more and just learn to chill and roll with shit you know?

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