Psychosis and psychoberry

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  1. heres 2 psychosis and 2 psychoberry in 6.5 ltr pots of canna coco
    they were vegged for 6 weeks and topped at the 5th node and LST.ED with bendz .
    All i a 1m sq 2m tall budbox , rhk 125mm and rhyno phat filter , 100mm rvk inlet ,400w digital

    im feeding them

    canna A/B
    regen a root
    head masta
    ph 5.8
    ec 1.6
    they are drinking 2000ml per day and giving a 30% run off of ec 1.7

    heres a cpl of photos from day 34 12/12 , ive got 36 more days till i chop .


    uk clone only from old skool sensi seeds back in 1990s (skunk #1 )


    psychosis crossed with a blueberry male

    PHOTOS #1 is a canopy shot #2 is psychosis #3 psychoberry

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  2. Very nice work! You can really see the blueberry traits in the psychoberry. Congrats on the DANK!
  3. just a little update chaps ,having some heat problems so reflector is as high as it will go .

    on day 45 with the psychosis and psychoberry

    ph 5.8 ec 1.6





  4. very nice! im actually gettin some pyscho berry myself, im sure its guna be some good smmoke :D

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