psychology report help!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dawson_Canuck, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. i am writing a report for a naturalistic observation that i had to do....basically i stalked tihs chick for a half an hour and wrote down EVERYTHING she did! i just sat in a coffee shop and worte down what she did(taps foot shit like that) i need a title that is creative yet makes sense. i want it to be funny but my brain cant think of one right now cuz im caught up on the rest of the report at the moment....shit gimme appropriat to:p
  2. wtf no help?!?!?! i tthought there would some random creative names! shit i needed a stoned mind, i guess im gonna have to go buy some then!
  3. "Stalking for a Grade," maybe?
  4. I could help you with the psychological aspect, not who to spy on though. She know you're stalking her?

  5. nope she didnt know a thing about it. i think about half way throught she figured it out

    edit: shit how about observing the grade....meaning i was checkino ut a chick and doin exactly what the teacher said.....observe someone haha!

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