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Psychologist Talking BS!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hxrguitar, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Yo, Anyways I got expelled from school and I have to go to the PREVENT program called EARN RETURN, Anyways one of the counselors we have has a master degree In psychology and think he KNOWS EVERYTHING About ANYTHING.

    So one session he decide to talk about drugs the drug today was called marijuana.
    He told the whole class complete bullshit just about the same stuff the government with there anti-drugs propaganda I will tell you some of the stuff this guy say's he Is also a complete douche bag and I feel like getting up and knocking his ass out.

    " 1 joint Is equal to 3 cigs" I honestly don't think that's true.

    " Marijuana has the same effect as Crack after 6 months even if you smoke once a week"

    " Marijuana re-routes your brain into a veggie"

    All that bullshit. I really want to tell this guy off but I can't cause I would fail, Do you guys know what I should say to this guy.

  2. Tell him to research his facts and realize that marijuana does not cause cancer or any long term brain impairment :smoking:. Also, 1 joint ≠ 3 cigs... thats hilarious. Id rather smoke 100 joints than 1 cig any day. As far as the crack thing... nothing to do but lol at that.
  3. Honestly, if someone tried to tell me that it has the same effect as crack EVER, I'd laugh so hard in their face I'd vomit all over them.

    Just ignore this guys bullshit, do your work and get back into school.

    You can't educate idiots like him.
  4. Tell him to go get a doctorate, like a legit psycologist, and do his dissertation on medical marijuana.

  5. Jesus christ were did this guy go to school Harry J Anslinger university of fail:rolleyes:

  6. ALL IN FAVOR SAY YAY:hello:
  7. everyone who seen the leprechaun say yeahhhh
  8. Yeah I really would not trust much of anything that comes from this guy, in most places today in order to be considered a good psychologist you need a doctorate.

    Also from my few classes in neuroscience and psychopharm mary does not kill brain cells it just changes how the receptor is affected.

    I also do not think it is as bad as three cigs, since they have so many chemicals in them in addition to the tobacco, granted it is not going to not cause some damage because it is still inhaling smoke it is not like inhaling chemical smoke.


    Seriously though, most of the shit these guys try to push is nothing but propoganda used to scare kids outta' even trying the stuff. Just sit back, take the BS, finish the program, and quietly laugh to yourself about how you have it all figured out. :smoking:
  10. that deserves a check.

  11. haha, that cracked me up

    yea thats what i'd do.
  12. Psychologists have not been required to have a Ph.D. for a very long time. Having a master's degree still means they're sharper than most of the population. The master's is the new bachelor's, and has been for a decade or so now. Besides that, someone with a doctorate would be telling you the same thing, because it's his job.
  13. That's true actually, but how often do you smoke a joint compared to people who smoke packs a day. Marijuana also doesn't cause black lung or cancer, at least it's never been proven to.

    I don't think there's ever been a study to prove that even though I can't prove it false because I've never tried crack.

    Somewhat true, using marijuana causes fat to build up in your brain and this is what messes up your short term memory. Also holding smoke in your lungs kills brain cells.
  14. you shoulda gave him a mad hook to the jaw
  15. The joint - cigs thing is because weed does have a lot of tar in it. But I don't think that's right still lol.

    Anyways, everytime he spurts b/s, just start laughing. He can't fail you for laughing. Then ask where he got his information; after he tells you (which he probably won't) prove him wrong with your correct, non b/s info :D Shit, cite it if you have to.
  16. All that means to me is that THEY ARE GOOD LEARNING WHAT IS TAUGHT TO THEM. :smoking:
    So if that shrink went to a nice Ivy League school and was taught that marijuana is bad for the human body, that is what he is going to believe.
  17. Unfortunately, a whole lot of your life is going to be involved with listening to dumbasses like this guy. Just smile and nod, do your time, and get out of there when you're done. There's nothing you can say that will change his mind and if you try you'll get buttfucked for your trouble. Let him be his own punishment.
  18. Listen to all his BS and just get through the program. Listening does not mean you have to believe it.
    I guess that's your fault for getting expelled. (probably by bringing marijuana to school) Right?
  19. Beleave me he is so fucking afraid of you getting up in the middle of his class and saying how all his facts are bullshit

    the school hired him for a reason and they told him to preach to you all those bullshit facts if you ran into him a year later he would probally something different he is not a jackass he is only doing his job.

    During WW2 the nazis had to kill jews because thats what there orders were most of them dident like it but they did it because it was there job and if they didnt then they were shiped on the front lines to be a para trooper

    but in his case if he says anything different then he gets fired and around this economy everyone needs a job
  20. I just want to make a bold statement that he's not wrong about the first fact. The second fact is unproven and ridiculous, but the third fact is also somewhat true. Even though it's obviously bias and exaggerated it's somewhat the truth so I wouldn't be making fun of him as you all are for telling you some facts and lies. It's treatment, what do you expect.

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