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Psychological Withdrawls From Quitting Cold Turkey?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 2pacalypse420, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hello all, let me start this by saying i am not a noob. I have been smoking EVERY day 2-3 times a day for at least 2 years straight. Now, for my problem.

    About a month ago, while vape'ing- i discovered that when i would inhale the vapor, it almost felt as if it was staying in my stomach, and not getting blown out all of the way. About 4 nights ago i strted to feel very nauseous,(not abnormal for me) but didnt think anything of it. About an hour later, i began throwing up and dry heaving once i had no food left.

    Since that day, i have been to the ER and possibly have a peptic Ulcer. It's now Day 4 of me not smoking, and my Appetite is almost completley non-existant.

    I was just wondering-

    Can a Chronic (no pun intended) User such as myself experience withdrawls from not smoking? Thus inducing the nausea? I have the irritability syndrome of withdrawls, but other than that no symptoms except for nausea. A good 12 hours f the day.

    My other question-

    I am 6'4 about 135 pounds, with an EXTREMELY fast metabolism. Im on day 4 of my t-break which is supposedly one of the worst days. How long untill this nausea passes?
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  2. You will be fine just eat good, excercise and sleep lots. :smoke:

    Good luck! :bongin:
  3. You are probably not eating. Eat something.

  4. Thanks for the wishes.

    I would LOVE to eat healthy, but i cant right
    Now. Food literally jist sounds repulsive and if i do eat its like 4 peices of broccoli.

    I hate feeling fucking anorexic. I love eating.
  5. ihave the exact same problems. i almost lead myself to belive that i still smoke everyday just to not go through the stupid withdrawal symptoms i get from it.

    i havnt quit smoking weed in like 6 years, maybe 7. every fucking day man.

    i literaly fear not smoking weed because i know my brain can be a little bitch about it. My appetite just disapears instantly also witch makes it waaay harder cause i cant eat unless i smoke to get te munchies hahaha

    not in medstatebtw :(

  6. Oh trust me man, if i could i would.

    After quittig smoking food just doesnt sound good. Im hoping this passes within the week:/
  7. youll get your appetite back soon enough.

    i know what you mean though, i used to not be hungry unless i blazed up.
    after a week youll start to eat.

  8. Same here man. I hate loosig my appetite because i LOVE eating. And i wanna gain weight.

    Ive found that warm showers tend to ease the nausea. Im in Tx so the heat isnt helping either. Part of the reason i signed up for GC is to see if there was people going through the same thing. A bit of a support system.
  9. Do you have nothing to do then sit around all day smoking?

    Go outside. Enjoy your life. You don't need weed to make you happy.

  10. Thanks for the encouraging words man.

    I felt so sick that i thought i had a disease or something. Hopefully its just all in my mind. I miss food so much:/

  11. I mean i do have alot of down time, so that might play into it, but i KNOW i dont need weed to make me Happy. Thats why im 4 days without smoke. While this zone just sits in my room-.-
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    Let weed be a part of your life, not your whole life. I'm on day 6 of my 2 week t-break and the only thing I've noticed is I can actually remember my dreams now.
  13. i already exercise and eat just fine so quitting weed would throw me way the fuck off. i do hold a job and my own pad so i have plenty of things to do.

    like i said, fear of the week or two of withdrawing from years of smoking weed everyday. i dont smoke a lot btw. less than a blunt a day. i think the weed makes it harder to see past it all though. well, im pretty sure it makes it harder haha

  14. I am going for 2 weeks as well.

    I too can remember my dreams suuuper vividly.

    And as weird as it sounds, sometimes i feel like i can smell dank in my sweat:p

    Have u noticed a difference at all between day 4 and 6?

    At this point i feel like every day i get significantly closer to my equilibrium.

  15. Mind over matter my friend. I cut back to smoking just during the night time and it has significantly helped my eating habits.

    You need to eat small portions, and stuff your stomach can easily digest. Try some yogurt, protein shake, milk, fruit, anything to get your metabolism going.

    Also, it is common for heavy smokers to not get enough vitamin d. So if you're not out in the sun for at least a few hours a day it would be good to take 1000-2000mg of vitamin d everyday. I have noticed a a serious curve in my appetite after taking these along with a multivitamin everyday for about a month.

    Also, because you are not eating, I would assume you don't have enough energy to exercise. If you can somehow get a work out in I can almost guarantee that it will force your body to eat something.
  16. I think it gets easier as you go on. The first like 4 days I was slightly irritable and didn't really have an appetite. The thing is you gotta find something else to occupy your time in place of the smoking, I've been playing a lot of madden at night when I would usually be smoking. The more days you get under your belt the easier it gets and the less you think about smoking, it doesn't even really cross my mind anymore.

  17. Just to put it in perspective, when i poste this, i wa hella nauseous. As i write this, the nausea has subsided and i feel a good burst of energy. It isnt nessecarily the energy thats the problem, i always have ENOUGH energy, but its my appetite that worry's me. When i smoked, i would eat SO fucking much and it would just Dissapear like a black hole, going no where. I started excersizing once a day and noticed a change for the better in my appearence, more mass.
  18. I guess its nice to know there are others out there going through the same thing. Probably worse too. Thanks blades!
  19. trying to figure out how you're 6'4 and 135..same height and I feel too skinny at 170.

  20. anorexic or hes not really that tall.

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