Psychological Significance Of The War On Terror

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  1. Beyond what is immediately apparent with the war on terror, that we have had many troops in the Middle East for a long time, there is also a deeper psychological significance playing out with this war. First of all, we must analyze what we mean when we say 'war.' Also, what do we mean when we say 'murderer,' or 'terrorist.' First off, murderer, and terrorist, means someone who kills someone else outside of the context of war. Once you establish that, move on to what 'war' means. You will find that war, by definition, is between governments. Government's have the right to kill, so long as it is called war.

    So, ONLY government's have the right to engage in war, according to our understanding. The war on terror is a war with a movement that is not a government. It thus says, essentially, that government's have the right to declare war on non-government entities. The hypocricy is that non-government entities, according to mainstream interpretations, may not similarly declare wars. In fact, a non-government entity declaring 'war' is essentially what is meant by 'terrorist' in the war on terror. These 'terrorists' see themselves as fighting a spiritual war. This, then, is also symbolic of the primacy of government and its various tools and cash-flows over all else.
  2. Everyone really needs to read blowback by chalmers johnson to really grasp how reckless and hypocritical the political establishment has been since the creation of the clandestine agency the cia, & when we began micromanaging the globe using military and "resistance" coups for special interests.

    I would like your post but im on mobile, I am at the beach and I still can't get away from it :)
  3. Hm I may have to check it out when I'm in a political reading mood...

    but thank you! :D
  4. Its a very relevant read, also very cheap on amazon. Im actually going through it right now doing highlights for my uncle.

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